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VanCon 2012: I am here!!!

Arrived in the city around 4 p.m. Drive up was good and uneventful. Weather was perfect with lots of sun and puffy white clouds. Getting through the border took about 15/20 min. Not too bad. There are a ton of buildings going up in the city. Cranes everywhere. I took some pics from up on the roof. If I have time I'll post one or two soon.

Went to registration tonight and so glad I did. Seemed like everyone was there - long line. Usually I wait until Friday morning, but since I'm renewing for next year I wanted to be near the front of the line. Thank goodness for good friends who got there early! *hugs*

Have already met up with growyourwings, fickleone, mrsr58, jo_anne8, missyjack (who was telling us all about Russ's awesome tour), risenshine22, hells_half_acre, and of course, metallidean_grl. And that was all in the registration line! Can't wait to find more friends tomorrow. :)

Here's a bizarro thing...usually my cell phone doesn't work while I'm in Canada. The past 3 years, I come up here, it says "No Service". This time...it says "Rogers", a Canadian phone carrier! WTH??? Sure enough, I Tweeted and it showed up! So I might tweet a bit during the con. But don't hold me to that 'cause I still don't know why it's working up here. Did AT&T suddenly allow calling from Canada??? *iz confused*

Tomorrow the fun begins. Kim, Steve, and Julian. I'll find out if my photography-fu is with me or not. *hopes it is* Sitting 3rd row has to be an advantage, right? I'll do my best to post a bit each night...depending on how late things go and my energy level.

Time to prep my stuff for tomorrow.
Eeeee! So happy I'm here at last! :D

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