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VanCon 2012: Day 1 in Brief

Survived the first day! :)

Saw supernaturallvr, bardicvoice, sn_mistress, country_bee, naficeh, seesmooshrun, write_light, & the_dean_team. Also met a couple of gals who I didn't know, but knew me from Twitter or my Locations List. So weird, but fun running into fans of my own here. :)

Only 3 guests: Kim, Steve, and Julian.

:: Kim Rhodes is my hero. What an awesome gal! Loved her stories and her fangirling staring at Jensen's lips. Haven't we all been there? *g*
:: Steve is such a gentleman. Something I didn't pick up from him in '09. Like with Jason Manns, I can see why he and Jensen are friends.
:: Julian is so charming and funny, not at all like Death. This is only his 2nd SPN con and he was quite touched that there were so many fans in the audience to see him.

Got photo-ops w/all 3 - haven't seen/picked them up yet.
:: Kim did hugs for the photo-ops.
:: Steve had us redo the first pic 'cause he said he wasn't ready and was fixing the gum in his mouth. :P
:: Julian asked each person what their name was. :)

Got autos from Julian & Kim (personalized).
:: Asked Julian about how the pizza was. He said is was good, but tough to eat.
:: Told Kim I first saw her on an ep of Star Trek: Voyager and loved it along w/her character's mantra of "Own the day". She related how she really loved working with Kate Mulgrew.

Steve's concert was awesome! He's been in town for a few days and has been jamming/writing songs with Jensen (there's a new album coming out soon w/Jensen singing with Steve on one song). The other day they were writing some songs and playing each others' guitars and Jensen says, "You should take that (Jensen's guitar) to play tomorrow night." So Steve was playing Jensen's guitar. :D He even played "Come Round More Alabama" which he said her barely ever sings live/acoustically. *glees* He did a great set of songs, even though he didn't do my fav "Safe To Say". Ah, well.

Took them forever to set up for Karaoke and it was getting late, so I only stayed for the first 3-4 songs. Left just as Mark Pellegrino was joining Richard, Matt, Kim, and Julian on stage. I got a blurry photo of Mark in the audience before they called him up. I hear even Steve joined the party after I left. Darn late night hour.

Anyway, it was a thoroughly enjoyable first day. But my body is weary and it's time to get some sleep because Saturday will be even busier!

Sorry, I don't have time to share any pics. It's late and besides the internet is a little slow here tonight. Maybe I'll take a few w/my small camera tomorrow strictly for sharing, so you don't have to wait so long, yet get a taste of the con. Btw, I believe I got my photography-fu working again. From what I've seen of the pics in my camera, they're looking pretty good. Got the right settings at last! :D

Ok, I'll do the Just 'Cause, but then I'm off to bed. Need my Z's. ;)

Oh, don't forget you can follow me on Twitter to get some news from the con. I'm not tweeting much, but a bit here & there (since I found out I can...heh).
This is me: https://twitter.com/Valerie613
Until next time! Bye!

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