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VanCon 2012: Day 2 in Brief...w/pictures

I knew Saturday with it's (phew!) eight guests was going to be a long one, but oh, my what an exhausting day!

You'll have to forgive me if I don't remember much right now. Everything's sort of a blur. The day hardly had any down-time. You went from one event to the next.

:: Russ Hamilton (Location Manager) - Funny and irreverent as ever with some info. about how they film the show. He mentioned where they shot Purgatory, but sadly I missed it. Will have to look it up on YT or somewhere later.
:: Julie McNiven was sweet like she was back in 09. She knows she'll always be known for that sex scene w/Jensen (poor girl :P). She's still sad that she's no longer on the show.
:: Mark Pellegrino & Mark Sheppard - Awesome panel! I love these guys together. Lots of questions about Mark S's other work, but there was also in-depth discussions on music (Mark S. had his own punk band when he was only 11) and acting.
:: Richard & Matt - These two are always a boat-load of fun. They didn't disappoint. Sounds like Karaoke was phenomenal on Friday night.
:: Jim & Misha: Loved this panel as well and it was extra long because they had a couple of fans deface 2 pics of Jared & Jensen and then auctioned them off for charity. I think they each went for $300 dollars & something. I'll have pics of these later. Hilarious panel though, as only Misha can inspire.

Photo-ops were kind of a problem from the get-go. Had to leave Julie and Matt & Richard's panels a bit before they ended because I was afraid I'd miss out on a scheduled photo-op. Don't think I missed much though and there will be videos, I'm sure.

Got autos from....

- Mark S.
- Richard (I thanked him for continuing to come to these and he said he'd keep coming as long as the fans want to have him.)
- Matt (Thanked him for still using my photo of him from VanCon 2010 for his Twitter avatar. He said he really liked the photo and the playfull aspect of it.)
- Misha (Thought the metal Impala piece I had him autograph was "really neat!".)
- Julie (Even SHE knew the pics Creation had in the Vendor's Room were blurry and sucky. She was very pleased w/the one I'd printed out for her to sign.)
- Mark P. (Told him I really loved his acting of Lucifer, his voice & mannerisms. He was very gracious & appreciative.)

Didn't get Jim's autos yet. I had to sit down after standing and waiting in the two other lines and by the time I got in the line for Jim, they were running late and he had a Meet & Greet to do. So the rest of us got numbers to get in line first thing on Sunday at noon. *hopes it doesn't conflict w/anything*

Photo-ops were fun and I got a bunch of them.

:: Mark Pellegrino - It's weird going up to a guy you've never met, before his panel, to get your picture taken with him, but Mark was very kind and charming. Surprised by how tall he is. Will have to look at him in eps again and compare his height to Jared.
:: Mark Sheppard - Another delightful man. Said "Thank you, darlin'" to me after the pic (and after his auto as well). *melts* :D
:: Richard & Matt - So much fun! I went for a sandwich/hug shot like I got w/Misha & Jensen last year. I hugged Matt & Richard hugged me from behind. After the pic, I then turned around to Richard and said, "Well you didn't get a hug. That's not fair." He went, "Awww" and we hugged. :D
:: Jim & Misha - Not sure how this one's going to come out. *cringes* I was near the end of the line things felt a little rushed. Then when there was only 1 gal ahead of me, Matt comes into the room and glomps onto Jim & Misha for a photo. Jim was going, "Get off me! Get off me!" LOL After that mayhem the gal ahead of me went and before I knew it was walking up to the two of them. Misha asked me how I was, I barely got my arm around Jim and Snap! That was the pic. Hardly even got settled into the pose. So I'm expecting the worst, I'm afraid, but I'll soon find out. *crosses fingers*

Okay, I've got some pics I took with my little Kodak camera. It's not good under the poor lighting of a convention, so PLEASE DON'T THINK THIS IS WHAT MY OTHER PHOTOS WILL LOOK LIKE. I only took these so you'd get an idea of what the guests and the day was like. A few of them are okay, but most are dark or blurry. So I apologize about the quality here.



























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