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VanCon 2012: Day 3 in Brief

VanCon is over. *cries* :(

However, I will say this might have been the best one ever, even better than the first one in '09, which I've always sort of held as the standard for the rest.

Why, you ask? Easy...the boys were more relaxed than I'd ever seen them. I pretty much said it all in a Tweet earlier: "Smiles, laughter, relaxed, generous. Every fan's dream!"

:: Sunday Breakfast with the boys rocked as usual and set the tone for the entire day. You know it's gonna be good when Jensen's smiling a lot.

:: The pastries at the breakfast were especially fresh and yummy this year. Mmmmm. :)

:: I felt so unprepared for Jensen's photo-op. The excitement and nervousness were out in full force!

:: For my photo-op Jensen actually turned to me and asked how I was doing. I know, normally no big deal, but in past years all I've gotten is a quick "Hi" from him. This was something special. And then, I asked for a hug shot...and finally got it!!!!! OMG BOTH arms at last!!!! *happy sigh* I was on cloud nine. Took me about 10 minutes before the Jensen after-glow wore off. :D

:: For the J2 photo-op I made sure to talk to the boys before and after the pic, looking right at each of them and thanking them. Jared said "Thanks, sweetie." Or was it "sweetheart"? Either way, even though he was probably saying it to everyone...SPECIAL. *melts* :D

:: Jim Beaver is an incredibly sweet man. I wanna be friends with him...truly.

:: The panel for the boys was one of the best I've seen and it's amazing what they were open to. Not only did the boys quote lines from "The French Mistake", they made silly faces upon request, and Jensen let a couple of girls touch his face! They wanted to feel the stubble. Lucky gals!

:: At the end of the panel they auctioned off some stuff (for charity) made up special for Jared's 30th birthday party. Jensen ended up playing auctioneer and he was awesome at it! The stuff went for....wait for it....$8,000. o.O Even Jensen was stunned that the bidding kept going higher and higher. I hope there's video out there of this. I wanna re-live it.

:: Oh! I also met and talked with Jerry Wanek and Serge Ladouceur! OMG Got to shake their hands, tell them how impressed I am with their work on the show, and then we got into long hour days and how I worked as a Script Supervisor on a couple small independent films. *squee* I totally went all geeky fangirl on them. LOL Definitely a highlight of the day for me.

:: SPOILER ALERT!!!!!! Skip to the next :: if you don't wanna know.

During autos, I asked Jensen what it was like directing his dad. As many of you may know, Jensen's dad is playing a small part in 8x03. Jensen said it was, "Easy as pie." :D

:: Richard had the last panel of the day, during Jensen and Jared's autograph session. After a while, we all got a surprise when Jensen joined in! He had finished his autos and was waiting for Jared. Then Jared came on stage as well! What a special treat! Never heard of the boys crashing other guest's panels before. They didn't stay too long, but any more time with the boys is exceptional. Again, proof of how awesome they are and how generous they were with their time during the con. It seemed like they were even taking their time during the autograph session. Very nice! :D

:: A fan brought their Black Chevy 67 Impala to the convention. It was parked outside the Sheraton Wall Center. Was lucky enough to spot it as I left the place late Sunday and took some pics. :)

I think that's it, but things pop into my head all the time. Hopefully I can retain them until I can preserve them some place because I already know there's things I've forgotten. Thank goodness for youtube videos!

Oh, and let me say this...my photos...as I've seen them so far are GREAT! Can't wait to share them, but it'll have to wait until I get home. Might be able to share one or two over the next couple days. We'll see how things go.

Tags: actors: jared padalecki, actors: jensen ackles, actors: jim beaver, conventions, fangirling, spoilers, squee, supernatural, vancon 2012
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