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VanCon 2012: Location Hunting Day 1

Today's group consisted of me, my mom, metallidean_grl, and risenshine22. The plan was to go to North Vancouver and Port Moody, but we never did get to north Van. :P

Instead we visited the following:

Saw several places in downtown Van: Save-on Meats, Hotel Patricia, Astoria Hotel, laundry and Spartacus Books from "Monster At The End Of This Book".

Port Moody: Rocky Point Pier, Flavell Sawmill, "Kneel before Todd!" scene from Wishful Thinking.

Port Coquitlam: site of the "Eye Of The Tiger" outtake w/Jensen, Coffee & Playground locations from "Something Wicked", Dean running down alley from dog in "Yellow Fever" and Dean & Sam leaving building and not walking back to the Impala, also from "Yellow Fever".

Ladner: Multiple locations from "Dead In The Water", "Simon Said", "In The Beginning", "Slash Fiction".

We then drove to the final scene from "Slash Fiction", the final scene from "Defending Your Life", and the red barn from "Defending Your Life".

Went to the "Back 40" area north of Boundary Bay Airport and walked the many roads (but not all). Confirmed location of The Roadhouse, the gas station from "Lazarus Rising" (it's wrong in my Locations List, btw - will fix), the crossroad site from "All Hell Breaks Loose" & "Bedtime Stories", and the crossroads site from "Crossroad Blues". We may have found the area of road where the boys fight while walking in ELAC, but we just weren't sure.

Finally, we wrapped things up by visiting the Campbell compound.

Can't even begin to guess as to how many actual locations we saw. It was a bunch!

Hmmm...we really need to visit the studio tomorrow. Yep, another Locations Hunt set for Tuesday! :D

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