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Randomness: VanCon 2012

♦♦♦ Little known fact: I actually planned on creating a music vid for the con. Had the song and theme all picked out. However, updating the SPN Locations List took precedence. In retrospect, it's probably just as well. I don't think my music tastes jive with most SPN fans. :P

♦♦♦ Over the course of the 3 days of the con, I took nearly 3,000 photos. I'm currently in the process of weeding out the bad ones so I can then fix and watermark the rest for sharing with all of you.

♦♦♦ Have no regrets about skipping the Misha Cruise this year. Last year I went and it was not only the very first one, but it was PERFECT. Absolutely. In every way. You couldn't duplicate that experience so I decided to not even try. As it turns out, I hear there were some troubles this year, such as there being only 1 bus instead of 2 so they got a late start and only went to the Lions Gate Bridge before they turned back. :( Bummer. That sucks. But I hear people still had a fun time, so that's cool.

♦♦♦ An added benefit of missing Misha's cruise this year? Added time with Jensen & Jared when they crashed the last panel of the con: Richard's. That was too cool! It was the cherry on the top of a perfect Sunday (see what I did there? *g*). Reminder to all future con-goers: Don't skip any panels! You never know what is going to happen. ;)

♦♦♦ Crew members I met over the weekend (and beyond): Serge L., Jerry W., Kevin P., and Guy Norman Bee. Awesome to meet and talk to them all. Wish now I'd asked for autographs. Darn!

♦♦♦ Sad to find out that Bobby's house no longer exists. Here it took me 3 years to track down the location and by the time I get there to see it in person it's been torn down for a new housing development. *cries*

♦♦♦ While I love the conventions, I must admit to feeling that all the good questions have already been asked. You know you've hit a low as a fandom when you have to resort to asking an actor his favorite color (yes, it happened at this yr's VanCon). Many of the actors counter-act this by turning the question back on the fans, which I must admit is great solution, except for the fact that it eats up precious time. As the group of girls seated behind me pointed out this isn't about them (the fans). We don't wanna hear them, we want to hear the actors talk. I heard Creation was screening people's questions for the J2 panel, which was one of their best IMO. Perhaps they should've been doing it all weekend long?

♦♦♦ Hugs received from guests (during photo-ops): Kim, Jensen *squee*, Jared, Matt, Richard.

♦♦♦ Biggest regret of the con: Once again not getting enough pics of/with fellow LJ friends. Grrrr! *kicks self*

♦♦♦ Biggest relief of the con: That I got my photography-fu back after the drought of 2011. \0/

♦♦♦ Biggest geeky moment: Running into Serge L. & Jerry W. before the J2 panel. I totally went all filmmaking geek girl on them. *facepalms*

♦♦♦ The weekend's biggest mystery: Seeing Jensen(?) running on Hornby St. behind the convention hotel Saturday afternoon. I only caught a glimpse as he ran towards me, but I tell ya...the brain said "Jensen???". The face shape was right (he had on a baseball cap & sunglasses....and he was MOVING). But considering that was the day Steve Carlson tweeted all those pics of him and the guys out bicycling...it probably wasn't Jensen. But, damn....what if it was? I'll never know.

♦♦♦ Best photo-op moment: Jensen, just because I FINALLY got a full hug from him. *iz happy fangirl* I jumped up and down after I got behind the curtain I was so excited. Yes, I can die happy now. :D Runner-up would be the sandwich shot I got with Matt and Richard. It's so cute!

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