raloria - Screencapping Goddess (raloria) wrote,
raloria - Screencapping Goddess

VanCon 2012: Flist Exclusive Photo Samples - Jensen & Jared (3/8)

Sorry about the delay. Scrapbook was giving me grief early this morning. Grrrr.

More of Jensen in this bunch (not to worry, Jared girls, there'll be extras of him in the next set). The first pic shows Jensen feeling his scruff after some girls asked about it feeling like sandpaper, which then led to him letting them touch it! Then in the 3rd pic we have the boys seeing the posters Misha & Jim had de-faced the day before for charity.

These photos can be shared/re-posted/used for fanart, but I would appreciate credit and leaving my watermark intact where possible. Thanks!

Tags: actors: jared padalecki, actors: jensen ackles, conventions, flist exclusive, personal photos, vancon 2012
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