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VanCon 2012: Flist Exclusive Photo Samples - Jensen & Jared [and Richard] (8/8)

This is it my friends...the final set of preview pics for you. I'm close to finishing up with all my photos from the convention so you'll soon have a full set to drool over and enjoy. :)

We continue our extra time with Jensen (now joined by Jared) during Richard's panel.
Thanks again for all your lovely comments (which I really want to try and respond to). You're so wonderful! *hugs flist tight* :D

These photos can be shared/re-posted/used for fanart, but I would appreciate credit and leaving my watermark intact where possible. Thanks!

Tags: actors: jared padalecki, actors: jensen ackles, actors: richard speight jr, conventions, flist exclusive, personal photos, vancon 2012
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