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SPN Season 8 Promo HQ Caps

I recently posted some small-ish caps from the Season 8 promos. Thankfully, I can now bring you some larger HQ caps.

Note: this promo is different from the others. I think it's more a cut-down version of the extended promo. Sadly, this means no hug *cries* and now extra shots of Dean in Purgatory. :(

However, these caps are much better quality and HUGE (1920x1080). Happy drooling. :D

All 11 Caps: http://www.sendspace.com/file/rnw9h5

Clickie on the caps for the larger versions -->

SPNS8PromoLG_001 SPNS8PromoLG_002

SPNS8PromoLG_003 SPNS8PromoLG_004

SPNS8PromoLG_005 SPNS8PromoLG_006

SPNS8PromoLG_007 SPNS8PromoLG_008

SPNS8PromoLG_009 SPNS8PromoLG_010


Tags: goodies, picspam, spoilers, supernatural
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