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Doin' The Puyallup

Thought I'd explain why I've been so quiet lately. Well, okay, not really quiet 'cause I've kept up my Daily Fanart & Just 'Cause posts, so maybe nobody noticed I wasn't online much (LJ, Twitter, Tumblr) this weekend.

Why? You might ask?

Spent all of Saturday & Sunday at The Western Washington Fair (Next yr. to be called The Washington State Fair) aka known as The Puyallup Fair (or if you're a local..."Doin' The Puyallup"). It's the biggest fair in WA state and it's been over 15 years since we were last there.

I'm sore, exhausted, tired, and just plain beat, but I had an amazing time with my mom at the fair. I won't go into specifics now, but our main reason for attending this year was that our favorite band (The Shoppe) from the fair was having a reunion during the last week. So of course, we had to go and check them out. Turned out we enjoyed them so much that we not only sat through 2 of their 3 shows on Saturday, but we returned Sunday and sat through all 3 shows that day as well.

I think I took as many photos of The Shoppe playing as I did during VanCon this year. :P

Their final show at 6 p.m. was great, but sad. Nobody wanted it to end. All the guys were so gracious and loving to the fans...which they call "family" (remind you of the relationship between another fandom and it's stars?). It would be wonderful if they returned next year, but reunions are usually one-time deals, so I'm not counting on it. So glad we saw their final show on the last day of the fair. It was special...as they all are. :)

A better post will be made later, with some pics and a better account of our two days at the fair. Btw, this is the first time ever that we've gone there 2 days. :P But I digress...there will be a post w/pics, videos, and lots of tales from The Puyallup later. ;)

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