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  • A photo-op with Jensen, Jared, & Misha is now available for Toronto Con next month. Color me jealous. This NEEDS to be added to VanCon next year...not to mention all the Creation SPN cons. *g*

  • Already way behind on my TV viewing. Still have most of So You Think You Can Dance to watch and now I'm 3 eps behind on Parenthood. And because Castle, Hawaii Five-O, and Revolution are all on at the same time, that means I have to watch Castle live and download the other 2. This is going to be a busy TV season. Oy.

  • Have resumed capping SPN Season 7...this time on my MacBook Pro. Didn't know if it would work, because I've been using my PC for 1-14 of S7 and the settings on VLC are different between the two machines. However, I capped 7x14 and they turned out fine. I've already done 7x15 and I'll see about capping 7x16 tonight.

  • Got a request for caps from the Season 7 Gag Reel, so I'm in the process of sorting/deleting and will soon have those fixed and ready for posting. Have thought of capping the "Angeles" video, too. Anyone interested?

  • Still in the slow process of uploading zipped folders of my VanCon photos to MediaFire. At over 800 photos for the J2 Panel alone, I had to break it up into 12 folders. The good news is, I only have 5 more to do! Then I'll be able to upload a few samples to PhotoBucket or Scrapbook and the posting will commence soon afterward. Hopefully everyone will still be interested in seeing them a full month after the event.

  • I've chosen the 25 caps that will be in my Name That Cap Challenge 3 Final on Oct. 2nd. Person who gets the most correct wins 3 icons made by me. I've been asked to continue the challenge on Tumblr, and while it's an interesting idea I'm not sure it would go over as well there. Plus, I need a little break. This challenge has been active for over a year and with the new season of SPN about to begin I'll be busy dealing with those new eps (capping, reviewing). The Cap Challenge will return...probably during the next summer hiatus. ;)

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