raloria - Screencapping Goddess (raloria) wrote,
raloria - Screencapping Goddess

Ramblings & To-Do List

  • Very much enjoying seeing the pics and reports of the boys coming out of TorCon today. Brightens up my weekend considerably.
  • For my flisters, I'm doing better today. Trying not to think about it. Keep busy, keep busy...
  • I need to change out my summer icons for fall ones. *iz part clingy-ness and part forgetfulness*
  • Finally caught up on watching Parenthood. Now to do the same w/H5O, Fringe, & Revolution.
  • Can't believe it's Sunday already...and I've got sucky things to do, like dishes to wash. Bleh. I need another day on my weekend!

To-Do List: (or at least a partial idea)

-- Give answers & winner of the SPN Name That Cap Challenge 3 Final (This is top priority today.)
-- Cap 8x01 (Tonight, probably while mom & I are watching 2010 movie.)
-- Start posting Saturday VanCon Photos. (Sorry for the wait. I'm assuming people are still interested.)
-- Need to prepare postcards to be sent to the studio this week.

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