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First Impressions: 8x02 "What's Up, Tiger Mommy?"

Was able to watch the East Coast feed this week, so this time you're getting my Tweets during my 2nd viewing at West Coast time. I've added in other thoughts in italics.

I'm trying to give myself a break and not kill myself doing these reviews. We'll see how it goes this season.
What's here are basic reactions I typed out during the show, with a few bits and pieces put in afterwards. Hopefully it'll be brief, but still interesting.

That's one scary bone. Would love to know how it killed her. It was a bloody death anyway. Classic SPN. ;)

Heh. Short & curlies joke again (Remember it from another episode featuring various gods, "Hammer Of The Gods"?). Dean's gotta point, it's surely a trap, but would that keep him out if Sam was the 1 under demon watch? Yeah, he'd be in that house as fast as possible.

You gotta be careful when you open a door with the Winchesters around. :P I think they've established they're not gonna mess around with the supernatural tests.

That reverse exorcism? So cool!!! Sam is so smart. If he's been away from hunting for a whole year, when did he figure this out? Or confirm that it would even work? *ponders*

"What? Like it's my first tattoo?" I LIKE Mrs. Tran! She's awesome! Poor Kevin all in pain. Owie.

Oh, I gotta find this train station location! *wants* What? I'm thinking of my Locations List all the time, people. ;)

Dean's all impatient and pacing in that interrogation room. Purgatory flashback! Dean was like a caged animal in there, which he is in a way. He's not used to the old way of questioning people. It's all about threats and weapons and in-your-face interrogations - straight from Purgatory. Loved the way the Purgatory scene was filmed, btw, with those close-ups of Jensen acting right at the camera.

Dean snaps! Awesome! Been waiting for this. Torturer Dean is back! I hope we'll continue to see instances like this, where Dean reverts to his old tactics. Was kind of surprised by how calm Sam was about it though.

Go Mrs. Tran!!!! Hee! And I really missed hearing the rumble of the Impala. You can tell she's gotten the respect of the boys. First the calmness about getting the tattoo and then making the pawn shop guy squirm.

City Centre Motor Hotel!!!! :D And one dapper dude. Oh, he's the right hand of Plutos. Interesting. You gotta wonder why they went with that costume choice.

"Thank you Mr. Peanut!" LOL Classic Dean. :D Oh, no Sam! Not the Impala! How can Sam be serious about wanting to offer up the car? Really, Sam? Dean just got reunited with her. Plus, she's home!
"He didn't mean it, Baby." Awww. Love Dean when he gets all protective over the car. :D

And of course Dean's packing and sets off the metal detector. ;) Of course they covered up the tablet. Darn. Time for Plan B. Oh, Crowley. I love that even Crowley calls them "the boys". :)

Did Crowley just call the boys Moose & Squirrel? LOL

Angel Alfie looks a lot like the kid from "Swap Meat". Gotta check that out. Ooops! WRONG! It was the guy who played the bug-obsessed kid in S1's "Bugs". Thanks to @cadlymack on Twitter for the info.

Wow. Cas ran out on Dean and Dean prayed to him every night. More abandonment issues for Dean. Even if Cas was trying to protect him... Ok, I get that Cas was running interference for Dean, but he couldn't pop back in briefly and explain why he was staying away? First Sam doesn't look for him and now this. Not that I mind it, I just want it explained. Goodness knows I love more angst for Dean. *g* This scene was really wonderful though, very emotional. I loved how happy Dean was about finally finding Cas, which begs the question of how long it took to find the angel?

Dean talking about the Leviathans: "We ganked those bitches once before. We can do it again." Am I the only one who heard a bit of Jensen's Texas accent on that line? Hee!

Hey, boys. Any dwarven gold in your pockets? Hee! So much for Plan B. I think Dean's working on Plan C tho. Sneaky Dean FTW! Someone on Twitter brought up the question why Dean didn't attack the dudes he found in the safe? Well, considering he was unarmed and didn't even know what kind of monsters he was dealing with, it was a pretty smart choice.

Big sacrifice by Mrs Tran, giving up her soul. Funny to see Crowley out of options for once tho. Such an intense scene!

Wow. Crowley possess Mrs. Tran, Sam gets to use Thor's Hammer, & Dean so wanted to rip Crowley apart! Powerful stuff! Loved the red smoke! Finally! We get to see Crowley's eyes turn red. Sadly it wasn't while he was in his normal body.

When are the boys gonna learn you never leave people alone? Plus, they weren't out of the room that long. How did Kevin write that note so fast AND get out of the room? Sorry to be so critical, but when you're supposedly "responsible" for someone who is a prophet and can read those tablets you'd think you'd know to keep the guy in sight all the time! Really, this ending is probably the one disappointment in the whole episode for me.

Can you tell I liked it? Yeah, I did. *g*
Edit: A few thoughts about why Dean didn't kill Crowley when he had a chance. He admits to Sam that he almost did make the kill when Crowley was possessing Mrs. Tran. Pretty sure he would have, too if Kevin hadn't caught up to them. As to why he didn't kill the demon after he was back in his own meat suit? Crowley's made it fairly obvious that the demon knife isn't a threat to him. He made it heat up like fire in Dean's hand in 801. The best chance to kill him would've been while he was in Mrs. Tran's body. He didn't have all his powers then (he even says dialog during the fight scene about it). Considering Dean only had the demon knife and nothing else, I'm not sure what he could have done. Pretty sure the only way to even have a shot at killing Crowley is to get him in a Devil's Trap. Even Dick Roman knew that was an asset last season. So as much as Dean wanted to kill Crowley...and whoah was that glare awesome!...he didn't have any way to carry it out.

I think I pretty much covered all the highlights here. Next week is the episode Jensen directed! *squee* :D

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