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Review: Beauty & The Beast Pilot

It wasn't even my idea to watch this remake of the 1980s cult TV show, but mom wanted to check it out so...

It was boring and laughable. Granted, I have fond memories of watching the original series as a kid and I loved Linda Hamilton and Ron Perlman. It was a fantasy show, with that entire society in the tunnels under the city. It fed my romantic notions and I was shipping Catherine and Vincent before I even knew shipping existed.

Sadly, this remake has very little to do with the original outside of the character's first names. Calling the show Beauty & The Beast is a joke, considering the Beast is a good looking guy (though he's no Jensen or Jared) with only a scar to mar his attractive features. I honest to goodness giggled internally when he hulked out before Catherine for the first time, trying to scare her off. All that happened was that his eyes glowed, veins in his face bulged, and his voice changed. Really? This guy's a beast? Oh my goodness, I think I'll swoon! LMAO Maybe he kills with his scary voice, which sounded like it got some computerized help.

Kruek is okay, but I kept thinking I was seeing Lana Lang playing the role of a cop. Her female partner is a walking cliche' (thin, pretty, sassy), as is the British coroner that has a crush on Catherine. Sad stuff really. I expect this series will quickly go the way of last year's The Secret Circle.

Btw, I've downloaded the pilot ep of Arrow, but haven't seen it yet. I have much more hope for it.

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