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VanCon 2012 Photos: Richard Speight Jr. & Matt Cohen

Over a month after the convention and I'm finally ready to start posting my photos. :P
Hey, these things take time. Hopefully you'll think of these photos as a fine wine, worthy of the time it takes to perfect.

NOTE: If you're looking for my thoughts about the panels, you'll sadly be disappointed. I've learned that you either pay close attention to the guests (sometimes taking notes or Tweeting) or you take photos. You can't do both. It's impossible. At least I can't. So my memories of the panels is foggy at best. I'll have to watch videos shot by others to refresh my own memory. :P

These two are so much fun, but a bit of a pain if you're a photographer. They like to go out in the audience and interact with people, which personally I think is great...if you don't want to take pictures of them. Of course, getting Richard to stay still is impossible anyway, but somehow I got more pics of him than I did of Matt. Boo. I didn't intend it that way, believe me. Matt's awesome but he wasn't up by the stage very often and tended to stay in the back of the room. Goodness knows I tried to get more photos of him. Again, next year I'll do better.

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009 VanCon 2012 - Richard S & Matt C Photos By Raloria.zip (135mb) via MediaFire (57 Photos)

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