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Real Life Update

Meant to inform you all of the new goings-on around here last weekend, but it just wasn't in the cards.

Mom began her Hyperbaric Chamber treatments on Tuesday, Oct. 2nd. She's had 9 of them thus far, so she's almost halfway though her initial 20. At first she had some trouble pressurizing her ears, but they sent her to an ear/nose/throat doctor nearby and he put tiny tubes in her ears. It's improved the pressurization, but her ears are still partially plugged up, which means her hearing is even worse than it normally is. We both hope her hearing returns to normal once all this is over. Even normal was bad, but this is worse!

Every Monday through Friday we have a standing appointment at noon. Mom goes into the chamber and I go out into the hospital's atrium and sit, listen to my mp3 player, play my old Gameboy, or read. She usually finishes around 2 p.m. On Mondays she also sees the Wound Healing Center doctor so he can see how it's doing. Last Monday it had shown some progress, with a smaller depth than it's had before. Good sign that maybe the chamber is working and her breast wound is closing up! *fingers crossed*

It's a drag to have to go to these every day and we're both feeling the strain of it all. Doesn't help that we often do errands or shopping after the treatments so we're really worn out by the time we get home. But hey, we're nearly halfway done. What's another 2 weeks? Right? Ugh.

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