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Oh wow

Was checking out Facebook tonight and found out an actor I worked with on an independent film back in 2008 was in last week's episode of Grimm!!!!

Now I've gotta download the ep and check it out! I'm so happy for him. He was my "Jensen Ackles" on the set: hunky and hot. Yeah, there was that time I brushed stuff off his black t-shirt. Muscles...OMG lol :P

Edit: I downloaded the ep and just zoomed through it until I found Rick's scene. He plays one of the police officers in the woods scene. He even has a line! "Sir! That could be booby trapped." Hee! Sadly, he's mostly hidden by body armor, but I easily picked him out.

Here's a few caps from the scene.

Rick's the guy on the right. ;)


And now on the left.

Here's where he delivers his line.


So you get an idea of what he really looks like here's a pick of Rick from a recent photo shoot. Remind you of a certain Mr. Ackles? Hmmm??? :D


Here's a great interview/article with him with more photos from that photo shoot:

Great little quote from the article: "...Rick is a nice guy. He’s shy and outgoing at the same time. Constantly questions and analyzes his decisions."
Yep, that sounds like the guy I worked with for months back in 2008. Soldier, actor, and now producer. So happy for him. He's really found what he wants to do with his life and he's doing it.

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