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First Impressions: 8x03 "Heartache"

Was able to watch the East Coast feed this week, so this time you're getting my thoughts during my 2nd viewing at West Coast time.

I'm trying to give myself a break and not kill myself doing these reviews. We'll see how it goes this season.
What's here are basic reactions I typed out during the show, with a few bits and pieces put in afterwards. Hopefully it'll be brief, but still interesting.

This opening scene with the runners was shot in Stanley Park.

"Farmer's Market. Organic." LOL I love the way Sam/Jared says that.

Papa Ackles!!! So great to see father and son acting together again. :D

Ewww. That drink is really...green. :(

Cafe scene was shot at the Pavillion in Stanley Park. ;)

This guy playing the cop was in a past episode as a demon! I remember him. Don't ask me which ep though.

Creepy chanting.
Dean: "It's too bad a dropped out of lunatic 101." Heh.
Why is Dean shouting? It's not like the dude's deaf.

Sharp pointy thing. This isn't good.
Nope...screams tell it all.

Oh. My. Word. They're just in dress shirts. No jackets. *dies*
Dean's got a language app. Hee!
Nice to see the rocker aliases are back. :)

Chanting guy cut out his eye -ow- his transplanted eye to be exact.

Hey, Dean didn't take the top off his coffee. Huh. That used to be his thing in the early seasons. ::Check out my SPN Revealed for more details::

Bunny Hole? LOL Nice name.
You know this guy's gonna die....it's just a matter of how. :P
Oh, more heart-ripping-out. Nice.

Dean's all happy 'cause the case is coming together and he's back on the road with Sam. Aw.
Sam's got other plans though..."Maybe you don't need me." What??? No, Sam.

Brick Holmes. Who had a flashback to "No Exit" and H.H. Holmes? Just me? Ok.
Apparently Brick Holmes is a famous football player who died suddenly.

Love this whole ritual scene. Very cool stuff with the chanting and the blood on the face....and the effects. :D
Nice red glowing eyes!

According to Jim Michaels this was shot at the Copperstone Estate.
Sam was a big Brick Holmes fan. His wife is oddly...elusive with her answers. Hmmmm.
"...the occult." Non-subtle Dean is back.
Randa is there...the plot thickens...and gets more confusing. "We need each other and Brick needs us."

Chanting dude was babbling Mayan.
Whoah...Sam's looking at going back to college. Or in his words..."Looking at options."

The boys go check out Brick's bedroom...with mother Eleanor's clothing in the closet....OH. Ew.
Dean finds a secret door...that leads to a room full of sports memorabilia and not just for football. They also find a box full of old letters...all to a girl named Betsy.
Oh, facial ECU (extreme close up) shots. Thank you, Jensen. *g*

Turns out Brick was alive for a long time...and was different guys in sports.

Boys discussing Mayan gods and doing all that great exposition.
Turns out Eleanor is actually Betsy...Brick's wife.

Brick was actually a Mayan athlete who made a deal with Cacao the Mayan god to live forever.
Betsy: "You must think I'm a monster."
Dean: "No, just that you married one."
Ouch. Nothing like being blunt, Dean.

Back to the stripper club...Which is the Paramount Gentlemen's Club in New Westminster for those who like to know. ;)
It's a trap boys! Run!!! Too late.
Randa is waiting for them....with some friends.
No! Dean's in trouble! What happened to Sam?
Too bad she didn't rip off his shirt....just sayin'. *g*
Why is it always Dean's heart? Poor guy. Sammy to the rescue! Yay!
And Dean manages to reach his knife to stab her. Ok, I was actually hoping Sam would rush over or at least ask if Dean was alright. Or maybe I've been reading too much H/C fic lately.

This scene with Eleanor/Betsy seems so off to me. Not sure why. Maybe it felt a little unnecessary?
Sam says he's done once they find Kevin and the tablet. Nooo....
He had a normal life and he wants it back. Dean says he just feels like that now. You hope he does, Dean.
Finally, the flashback scene of Sam and Amelia we saw so many pics of. She gave him a birthday picnic. Nice.
I'm still not a big Amelia fan. When are they going to tell us more about her and Sam's year?
Oh...Sam's all teary-eyed at the happy memory. Nicely done, Jared.

Another solid episode and Jensen does it again! So proud of his directing abilities. Seriously, is there anything this man can't do? I can see why he's said directing is getting harder. He had a lot more scenes in this ep, but nothing was compromised. You'd never know he was double busy as a director.

It was nice to have a good stand-alone episode just about hunting something and killing it. Kevin's mentioned but they don't dwell on him. Dean's found his purpose and that's hunting. Now if he can just get Sam fully on board. Problem is, Sam's thinking about getting back to his normal life eventually. I love that we saw a lot of Dean and Purgatory so far, but I feel we're missing a lot of info. about Sam's year. I'm left wanting more because the way he's acting is not what he normally is. I mean, we haven't seen Sam wanting normal since what? Season 1 or 2? Or maybe "Wishful Thinking" when he told Dean he wasn't "that guy anymore"? Anyway, show isn't filling in the blanks fast enough for me. So I hope we'll see more...fast. Because the way Sam's being painted right now is a guy who gave up hunting, didn't look for his brother, never looked back, and is now itching to get back to what he had. What happened to "If we're going down, we're going down together"? How about the Sam who was split apart at the end of Season 6 and couldn't leave his brother alone out in the world? *sigh* I have faith that we'll get the answers, but I just wish they would speed things up.

Ok, sorry about the tangent. :P
I loved the ep. As one would expect. ;)

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