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Yes, I'm excited about new technology (for me, anyway)

It's finally going to happen....I'm getting a new phone!!!! 1237414ce9j7jb9vn

Mom & I went to AT&T Friday and looked at the smartphones through their Pay As You Go system (prepaid). The guy who helped us was very knowledgeable and helpful, answered all our questions, but wasn't pushy. Got to play around with each of them. So cool that they actually had working versions of the phones on display! Been doing more research on the phones over the weekend, but I need a little more hands-on time with them before I make my final decision, so we'll be going back tomorrow after mom's treatment.

Here's the 3 I'm considering:


This will be my first smartphone. So excited! A new TOY! sFun_cheerleader
I'm so ready to chuck my old phone out the window. You have no idea! It's an antique! Plus, it doesn't really work right anymore and texting is such a pain! I think 8-10 yrs. is long enough with one phone, yes? I think that's how long I've had this one, though it feels longer.

At the moment, my top choice is the Samsung. It's got the slide out Qwerty keyboard. I've got big thumbs and fingers so using a touch screen keyboard isn't too easy. I'm sure I could get used to it, but this gives me another option. The other two are practically alike except for the camera (one has a 5mp camera, the other 3mp). But the quality of the camera really isn't a huge selling point for me, even though I plan on using it a lot. Everyone knows camera phones aren't the best anyway, so I'm just not worried about it.

By sometimes tomorrow I *should* have a new phone! Whoo-hoo!!!! \0/
I now return you to your Sunday...

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