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The Samsung Galaxy Appeal (Android)
samsung-galaxy appeal-silver-450x350

In follow up to this post over the weekend. Bought the phone Monday night and have been practically glued to the thing ever since. LOL I love shiny new things! :D

Talk about a step up. This thing is as complicated as a computer. :P Tons of settings, apps, controls, etc. I've already downloaded some essentials: Twitter, SpringPad, InstaGram. It already has a Facebook app. I'm getting used to the various keyboards and often using the slideout one when I have trouble. So far my hardest learning curve is scrolling. I end up clicking on things instead and having to go back. Grrrr. Gonna take some time to find the right touch for that one. I'm running the battery down pretty fast at the moment, but that will calm down as I get through this learning period.

The biggest achievement today? Learning how to save images online. Had to Google it here at home. You just press and hold on the image. Already saved some of my Jensen pics posted here to LJ. Gotta have pics of my guy! *g*

I might try posting to LJ from the phone, just to see if I can in a pinch. It certainly won't be my preferred way.
And I'm real eager to find something worthwhile to take a photo of just so I can post it to Twitter. I'm such a silly geek! :P

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