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Randomness of the week

  • My new cell phone is a week old (tomorrow) Monday. Enjoying having so much added access but still learning to use the touchscreen. Wish I could figure out the camera on it, 'cause so far what I've taken w/it kinda sucks.

  • Went back thru my "walking" tag, printed out calendars for 2009-2011 and marked all the days I walked (I'm already doing this for 2012). In 2009 I walked 49 days, in 2010 it was 56 days, and in 2011 it was 43 days. This year I'm already over 50 days. :)

  • Bought some new clothes on Thursday and Friday. My spring/summer wardrobe is pretty big, but when it comes to fall/winter it's a little more sparse. Doesn't help that a lot of my sweaters are big old things that fit like I'm wearing a tent! So I went hunting for smaller/lighter sweaters and long sleeved shirts. Success! Even got a few new scarves.

  • Lost one of my favorite rings on Thursday and was heartbroken over it. Have no idea how it even came off my pinkie as it always fits so tightly. But alas, I haven't been able to find it. :( So mom suggested I buy a new one. I found a couple nice rings at Penny's on Friday and bought them. Must admit it has helped soften the pain of losing the other one. It's not like it was sentimental or anything, but I really liked that ring.

  • Also found a Supernatural calendar at the mall on Friday. *squee* I Tweeted pics of it HERE and HERE. I went all fangirly finding it at an actual store! When I pointed to the pic of Jensen in the black tee and muscular arms and squeeled my mom went "Down, girl." LOL

Oh, btw it's kinda weird that the hurricane threatening the US east coast is named Sandy. That's my mom's name (well, Sandra). Heh.

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