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First Impressions: 8x05 "Blood Brother"

Was able to watch the East Coast feed this week along with live on the TV on West Coast time. These notes are during the 2nd , West Coast viewing.

I'm trying to give myself a break and not kill myself doing these reviews. We'll see how it goes this season.
What's here are basic reactions I typed out during the show, with a few bits and pieces put in afterwards. Hopefully it'll be brief, but still interesting.

Quinton, Sorento....interesting names in this ep.

Oooh Oregon. :)
Looks like Kevin's been stringing the boys along. "Kid's like Rainman." LOL
Oh, Benny's in bad shape. :(
Dean's taking off and Sam's wondering why when they're trying to find Kevin.
Hee! 2400 Motel! :D
Love these Purgatory flashbacks in slo-mo. Nice.

Ah...Sam's still got Amelia stuff on his laptop. "Concerned. Not stalking...concerned." Heh.

Since when does Sam know how to fix things mechanical? Interesting.

At least Benny made it to the ship.

Wow. Benny mends fast.
More Purgatory....apparently Cas is quite the monster magnent. Heh.
"You take away the fangs and the fun..." Hee! I do like Benny. :)
Dean's determined to bring Cas along on the way out of Purgatory despite Benny's misgivings.

Benny's after his maker, to kill him.

More Sam flashbacks...he's now handyman at the motel...and runs into Amelia there.

Do we need a constant sound effects of bells ringing in the background? They're in a marina - we get it.
Benny's nest of vampires lived on the sea, hunting for blood. Vampire pirates...or Vampirates as Dean calls them. :P
Heh. Understandable why Benny drinking blood in front of him would weird Dean out. Bring memories back of Sam's demon-drinking ways, maybe?
Benny fell in love with a girl...Andrea. It changed him, but his maker didn't like it. Killed Benny and Andrea.
This ep is so darned DARK. Oy. Capping ought to be real fun. >.<

I swear, the friggin' sound effects. Really? Overkill.
Dean almost texts Sam where he is...almost.
Ooooh. This is the house I was outside of on location after VanCon! :D
Ah...Andrea is alive. This can only mean trouble....
It's a trap!!!!! Yep. Down goes Benny.
"Idiot." Heh. Dean.

Andrea's been turned...explains that.
Sam's trying to phone Dean. Doesn't really have time to respond at the moment. :P
More of Sam's memories of Amelia...she's staying/living at the same motel he is.
Yeah, you should talk, Sam...moving around all your life yourself. :P

Dean calls Sam back...doesn't go well. Hee! Lots of arguing. He still won't tell Sam about Benny....just saying he's working on a vampire next with a "friend".
Whoah...guess Andrea isn't the woman she used to be...or maybe she is. Heh.
He never hid who he was from Andrea. "Life is blood." Nice line. Says so much about when someone first turns vamp.
She gives him a knife and the keys to the cuffs. Cool.

Meanwhile, the boys are still arguing. LOL Shut-up Sam!
Nice kill! Woot! And of course Sam's hung up by then. Ooops. More vamps!

Heh. The place next door to hell. Yeah, that would work.
I like this dude playing "Father". Very smooth and cool.
Love that we only hear Dean kill those 2 vamps. That was awesome!
Purgatory...By the time Benny was killed he didn't kill humans anymore. He saw something in humanity. "I think blood, I don't drink people." He doesn't want Cas to come along....ooop Leviathan are incoming. o.O

Pretty smooth there, Sam...jacking that car.
Seriously? He called the dog..."Dog"? LOL Oh, Sam. You couldn't come up with a name? :P
Uh...complimenting her on her good hands based on her stitching...yeah, dude...that would creep anyone out.
Nicely acted here by Jared...calling Amelia out on having nobody in her life, why she's living out of a motel.
Meanwhile, Sam's still trying to phone Dean...and clearly worried. Awww...

Ha! Hell, yeah Benny's had a lot of practice killing. Very cool.
Go Benny, Go!
Benny killed him...now he's ready to take Andrea away, but she doesn't want to go. She's ready to go back to life he had before, hunting on the sea, killing for blood. "What I loved - it ain't here anymore." Poor Benny. :(
Whoah! And Dean kills her just like that. Wow. Didn't see that coming.

Benny's questioning why Dean saved him....and who he is.
Purgatory....Levis dropping in! Benny saves Cas! :D
Dean and Benny return from the island and Sam's waiting for them.
He meets Benny...feels something in his hand...is ready to kill him, but Dean's look says "No" and stops him. Whoah. Awkward.
Sam's pissed. Seriously, I half expected him to deck Dean. That look saying "What the hell man???"
Gah! Can't believe they cut it off there! Show!!!!!

Okay, the show's back on track after last week's...less than stellar episode. Let's leave it at that.
Really enjoyed getting more backstory on Benny, Purgatory, and Sam's normal life. Still not a big fan of Amelia, but at least she was not bossy in these flashbacks. I appreciate the show finally showing more of Sam's year off even though we're getting it in tiny pieces (this is only episode 5 after all). I'd still like to know what he did right after Dean disappeared. Did Sam even mourn his brother? That question of why he didn't look for Dean is still looming, even though I understand him not having any clues. I still want an explanation of his mindset behind not looking for him. Sorry. /tangent

On a side note, this is the episode that was in production during VanCon. I along with metallidean_grl and bardicvoice found where they were filming on Marine Drive at Rio Vista. Now I know what that house looks like because you sure can't see it from the street. While we sadly missed Jensen leaving by mere minutes (darn!) we did get to speak to some of the crew including one of the prop assistants, 1st AD Kevin Parks, and Director Guy Bee! It was super nice of them all to take some time and come across the street to our small group of fans and chat with us. At one point I even spotted Ty Olsson come outside on the street. I remember he waved and I waved back, which was pretty cool. At that point I don't believe the spoilers about Benny had been leaked and I didn't know who he was. I certainly thought he was an actor, but nothing more. Glad I got at least a couple pictures of him. *g* Oh, I also witnessed the Prop guy carrying out the bloody knife and handcuffs and taking them to the Prop truck. Now I know what those were for! :D

Really enjoyed this ep and next week's looks sooooo good! Whoah! Conflict! Boys!!!!! :D
Welcome back, show.

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