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First Impressions: 8x07 "A Little Slice Of Kevin"

// Sorry this review is a little late. Meant to post it last night but LJ chose that time to go down. Grrrr. My stream from the East Coast sucked and I ended up missing a lot of the ep. so these notes are pretty much completely from my 2nd viewing. //

Was able to watch the East Coast feed this week along with live on the TV on West Coast time. These notes are during the 2nd , West Coast viewing.

I'm trying to give myself a break and not kill myself doing these reviews. We'll see how it goes this season.
What's here are basic reactions I typed out during the show, with a few bits and pieces put in afterwards. Hopefully it'll be brief, but still interesting.

Oy! Demon on the playground! Wow. What's with the wind tunnel storm? Weird.

Hee! Cool song!
Nice OTS shot of Dean in the Impala there. :)
Whoah! Was that Cas??? And then he's gone. Heh.

The boys are still using Rufus's cabin. Nice.
Sam's been tracking weird disappearances, but there's no connection….might be demons.

Oh, crap! Crowley's torturing angel Alfie. :(
"This hurts you more than it does me." Yeah, right.
Crowley's looking for other prophets?

So Crowley kidnapped these people. Why?

LOL Poor Kevin getting drenched in holy water by mom. :P
Hello Watchman set diner. :)
Oh, demon bombs. Me like.
A witch? Oh, this can't be a good thing. Yeah, you can't trust her.
"No, mom. That's another part of Craigslist." LOL

Smart move there, Sam….reciting the exorcism on the phone so she doesn't know what you're doing.

It was a dark and stormy night. heh.

Dean gets up…no more Cas.
Sam wants to know what's going on…Dean tells him the truth. Good move there, Dean. :)
"I tried so damn hard to get us the hell out of there."
Dean, as usual blames himself…but Sam is very supportive here which is nice to see after last week's ep. Nice slap on the shoulder. Awww.

Purgatory Flashback! Our trio trying to find the portal to get out…Cas is still not convinced he can pass through. Dean doesn't wanna hear it.
"It's gonna work. Nobody gets left behind."

The abducted folks think they're in a UFO. LOL
Seriously, Crowley? You think these people can read the tablet?
Yikes. Yeah, you don't want to annoy Crowley.

Yeah, never trust witches…especially those you meet online.
Kevin!!!! Really???? No, dude. Stay away.

Cas!!!! He's really there this time.
Diggin' the beard…which explains why Misha was sporting one at VanCon which was right before this ep. ;)
Dean doesn't understand how Castiel got there…that he barely survived. But Cas doesn't know either….woke up by the side of the road in Illinois.
Purgatory Flashback! Benny: "I lie I don't get lied to." Hmmmm.
There's the seam! So here's how Benny hitched a ride in Dean's arm….cool!
Oh damn Leviathans!
Dean doesn't buy that Cas doesn't remember how he got out.
I like the connection to Dean talking about Hell in "Wishful Thinking" here: "The things that I saw... there aren't words. There is no forgetting. There's no making it better. Because it is right here... [ taps his head ] forever. You wouldn't understand. And I could never make you understand. So I am sorry."
To in this ep about Purgatory: "Sammy, I remember every second of leaving that place. I mean I remember the heat. the stink, the pain, the fear. I have that whole ugly messy right here [taps head]...and he says he has no idea how he got out? I'm just not buying it."
All too fitting that these statements are somewhat similar. *loves show*
Wow. Cas is really back….full outfit and all. :)

Yep. Back stabbing witch….heh. Knew it.
Crowley takes Kevin….mom holy water bazookas the other demon! Go mom!!!! :D

Hee! Cas missed TV. :)
He also knows all the names of the prophets past, present, and future.
Chuck's dead??? Noooooo!!!!!!!
Oh…so Crowley's stealing the vessels of prophets. Now it makes sense.
Mrs. Tran wisely calls the boys.

Kev thinks his mom is dead. :(
Wow. Crowley kills is more creative and blood ways. Nice monogrammed handkerchief…
The boys and Cas are waiting in the Impala at the half-way point for Mrs. Tran.
Purgatory Flashback! Nice fight with Cas and Dean taking out the Levis!
Whoah…cool effects with the portal.
Dean wants to know what happened to Cas in Purgatory. "It was like you just gave up!" Aw, Dean. Yes, Cas…..he thinks everything is his fault. Don't you get Dean by now?
I love how matter of fact Mrs. Tran is…"We hired a witch and she ratted us out." LOL
Ah…she brought along the demon….oh, boy….torturer Dean again.

Holy hell! Crowley just cut off Kevin's finger!!!! Ow!!!!! A little slice of Kevin is right! :P

Great, so Kevin's reading the tablet to Crowley.

Ah, baby. Love to see you every ep again.
At leas the demon was talkative…and now dead.
Mrs. Tran doesn't appreciate being left behind.

Stop Kevin! Help's coming! Noooo!!!!! Not the closing doors to hell thing! Of course, Crowley sort of already knew about it.
Nice move there boys and Cas….being all sneaky with Dean using the demon knife. :)

Kevin finds a letter from the archangel Metatron….interesting.
Oh….Sam's got the demon killing bomb. Sweet! Very effective. Glad he got to use it on a group of them.
Sam finds the vessels…Dean and Cas find another demon, which Cas takes out. Uh oh….he's weakened.
Oh…there's a compendium of tablets. Kevin said there were more of them. But now Crowley knows…
Cas goes into the room to confront Crowley….angel swords!
Crowley knows Cas isn't up to full power.
"Maybe you can get it up, but you can't keep it up." Oh yeah….maybe he can after all. Love the glowing eyes!!!
Woot! Go Cas!!!! He breaks the tablet and Crowley disappears. He always did know when to cut and run. He'll be back.

Ah, cool. Garth's gonna come in and take care of Kevin and his mom. :)

Dean didn't like Cas going in and risking his life. Awww.
Cas shows Dean what really happened…Cas let go, threw Dean's hand away.
Cas didn't want to be saved. He needed to do penance for what he did on earth and in heaven.
"You can't save everyone my friend…but you try." Such a beautiful line...and so true. *sniffs*
Cas suddenly goes…to an office...in heaven?
So some angels got Cas out of Purgatory…led by Naomi. She wants to know about Sam & Dean…and Cas tells her. He'll be reporting to her frequently…and as she said, the boys don't even know he was gone. Wow.
Cas is going to stay with them. The 3 Amigos! Heh.
Sam asks if things are alright with Dean and Cas….Dean says yeah, but there's something there, some doubt or confusion maybe?

This was a really enjoyable episode and it was nice to see the boys being brotherly towards each other once again, especially after the drama of last week's episode. It was nice to see Sam's concern over Dean again and really take in what his brother went through to escape Purgatory. And Dean didn't hide his spottings of Cas from Sam. There wasn't any more lies or deception going on. Maybe they're finally moving on and getting over all those hurt feelings. *hopes*

I'm a big Cas fan and it was nice to see the angel's return (no more crazy Cas - yay!), but I'm not big on those fans who are all gah, gah over this ep solely because Cas was back. Calling this the best episode of the season is a bit much in my opinion. Though there's no doubt it was a good ep. Gotta love the Trans! Not such a smart moving hiring a witch considering Crowley's on their trail, but hey, they're new to this. You live, you learn, right? The demon-killing bomb was oh, so cool! They need to use more of those! I hope the boys borrowed the recipe. Great to see Crowley, as usual. :)

My love for the Purgatory flashbacks continues. Seriously, I love not only the insight we gain over Dean's time there, but the whole look of the place, the gritty cinematography, the blood and the dirt. Interesting how Dean's memory of the escape was slightly warped. Maybe he simply couldn't fathom why Cas let go? In 801 Dean told Sam that Cas had died. We now know that was a lie in order to cover up his guilt over not getting the angel out. Oh, my dear Dean...always with the guilt that really isn't yours to bear. *hugs him* I'm glad Cas showed him what really happened 'cause yeah, that guilt was unwarranted. I get why Cas felt he deserved to stay there. I feel he's more at peace now than he's been in a long time and now that he's free he has a fresh start. I hope Dean can start to feel some kind of peace as well, though knowing him he won't allow himself to ever be free of the responsibility he feels for everyone.

Naomi and the office in heaven was a trip! So is this a faction of angels with their own agenda at work again? Very unnerving how they can simply pluck Cas away anytime they want and get info. from him. This could be bad, depending on what they're up to. Yikes. Looking forward to seeing where they go with this avenue. Btw, I would be remiss if I didn't talk about the amazing effects in last night's show. The seam in Purgatory, Benny hitching a ride in Dean's arm, the incoming Levis, the demon bomb, Cas anteing up and attacking Crowley...whoah. Incredible stuff!

So yeah, I liked the episode a lot. Best ever? No, not even close, but did appreciate all it had to offer. Glad that Cas is back and glad that the brothers are getting along again.

No ep next week because of Thanksgiving (even though the holiday's on Thursday, not Wednesday).

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