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Holiday Cards 2012

Had to re-post this because I forgot to screen comments the first time. Sorry! It's fixed now.

Meant to post this about a week ago, but then RL has been hectic and now I'm sick too, so...*shrugs*

I can send E-cards or regular mail cards (goodness knows I've inherited plenty from my grandma).

Comments to this post are screened, but you can also PM or email me the info. (at raloria613@gmail.com).

If you want to send me a card, link me up to your card post or ask me to PM you my address. :)


Please don't assume that you're on my mailing list from years past. There's been big changes to my Friends List, people's addresses have changed, etc.

Handy-dandy form for filing out in comments:

Thank you my friends! Looking forward to sending lots of great cards out across the miles. :D

Tags: flist, holidays
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