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First Impressions: 8x08 "Hunteri Heroici"

Was able to watch the East Coast feed this week along with live on the TV on West Coast time. These notes are a combination from both viewings.

I'm trying to give myself a break and not kill myself doing these reviews. We'll see how it goes this season.
What's here are basic reactions I typed out during the show, with a few bits and pieces put in afterwards. Hopefully it'll be brief, but still interesting.

Gah! I know this location!!!! Burnaby Foreshore Park! Was there in August!
LOL Very Roger Rabbit with the heart coming out of the chest like that. :P

Keep feeling I should know where this gas station location is. >.<
Oh, blowing off Mrs. Tran. You'll pay for that, Dean. Garth has a safe house boat. Heh.

Cas cut off the frequency to the heavenly chatter...."I'm gonna become a hunter." Heh.
LOL No!!!!!! Not in the front seat, Cas.

Scully? Seriously, Dean??? Who is going to believe that name for an FBI agent? :P
Cas smells the body and determines the guy had a bladder infection, thinks he knows everything about the guy. The boys proceed to prove him wrong with their detective work and knowledge. The dude's been cheating on his wife. They're thinking witch.

Sam Flashback Time:
Ok, I'm actually liking Sam's hair in this ep. What is wrong with me??? LOL
Wow, meeting Amelia's dad already....not to mention moving into a new house. They're moving things along quickly or "Making up for lost time." as Sam puts it.
Heh, it's Jerry from "Phantom Traveler"....with no hair! :P
He's definitely not a Sam fan, the digs start off right away.
Oh, ouch. Sam's a "fixer-upper".

OMG Cas being all bad-ass Columbo (I only knew that 'cause the captioning said he was doing Columbo). XD
So the wife knew about the cheating...and was doing her own. Huh.
Dean: "Best wife ever."

Dude's about commit suicide off a building. Ends up floating in mid-air....for a few seconds. Ooops. Gotta find out what building that is. What? *looks innocent* It's all about the Locations List, people. :P

Ha! The suicide guy had everything in Roman Industries and lost it all when the company tanked last year.
The boys figure out it's like cartoons and try explaining them to Cas. He finally had to watch some.
Only Cas could super analyze cartoons. LOL
Cas wants to stay in the room, Dean's not up for a slumber party.
"Braid Sam's hair." LMAO
But Cas doesn't sleep. Makes sense. He hears a police scanner. Bank robbery.

Nice anvil and a bloody, gooey mess. Bleh.
Cas lifts the anvil and sure enough...X marks the spot where the security guard bought it.
Dean explains the cartoon rules to Cas....they check out the black hole in the wall, which isn't working right now but let the robber get in and escape.

Cas admiring John's handwriting in the journal. o.O
Dean wants to know how Cas is doing and when the angel almost explodes over going back to heaven he knows it's time for a heart to heart with his friend.
Cas knows he caused a lot of damage in heaven, can't deal with it and thinks he might kill himself if he sees it.
Sam returns with a lot of info. It's exposition time! Heh.
The weird cartoon antics have happened around where other robberies have taken place.
Victims of the robberies are at a retirement home.

Heh. Never knew Dean was so squirmy around the elderly.
That's the gal from "Bedtime Stories". The sweet lady in the blue house that cut up the lost-in-the-woods couple.
She mistakes Cas for her 3rd husband, Charles. Hee! Love Dean's amusement over the whole thing. Cute!
The cat hates the mouse. Tom & Jerry! XD

"Run & hide..." Another Sam flashback...
And the animosity from dad to Sam continues, even bringing up John being a Marine doesn't work. But he sees that Sam has been through a lot, questioning what he's doing with his daughter. "Question is - What are you running from, Sam?"

Sam spots the picture of an old friend of their dad's, Fred Jones, there at the home. Fred had psycho-kinetic powers.

Cas interrogating the cat. OMG And then the cat talking once he leaves!!! XD

BJ!!!!! Sorry, big MASH fan here. *g* Kinda spacin' out there, dude.
Dean hitting himself with a book and hearing birds. LOL Too bad we didn't see them, too.
So Fred's controlling the cartoon mayhem.

Cas stays behind to watch Fred, meanwhile there's a birthday party going on.
Ooooh. Birthday cake go Boom!

Blah, blah, blah.....boys show up, gal has lady's stolen bracelet. It's the boyfriend!

Boys with flashlights and guns...love it!
It's the dude from the retirement home and he's been shot. Cas heals him.
He spills the info. that the doctor is using Frank to steal from the residents.
"Bubble of weird." Love that. :P
Doc is going to the bank with Fred for one last steal. Go, boys, go!

"Living in a dreamworld"....aaaannnnnd cue another Sam flashback.
Amelia tells her dad she's happy, with the house and with Sam. They'll be a mess together. She asks to give them a chance. Seems to do the trick. Dad is then commenting on the Impala outside and impressed with John's taste in cars "for a Jarhead".

Nice alley scene! Know they've been here before.
Dean finds a hole in the wall....and it's open. Heheh.

Cas & Sam find Fred in a van and try to wake him up out of his cartoon stupor. Cas what are you doing?

OMG They're in the cartoon! In Fred's mind! Awesome!!!! :D
At least they can talk to him now...and Fred remembers Sam. "The scrawny one." LOL Okay, once upon a time, yeah.

Dean catches the doctor in the safe deposit room. "What's up doc?" Was waiting for that line. Hee!

Doc's trying to justify stealing from the children of the elderly? Yeah, not gonna fly with Dean Winchester. Hee! The gun going "Bang!" LOL
Then the freeze frame in mid air and the skillet in the face. Dying of laughing here!
Ooooh, Dean did the X marks the spot - anvil trick. But it doesn't work.

Sam tries to reason with Fred...that running doesn't help. It would be nice to live in a dream world, but it won't work. "Eventually, whatever it is you're running from? It'll find you. It'll come along and it'll punch you in the gut." He can't keep it up forever. "It'll destroy you. It'll destroy everything!" Sam's clearly speaking from experience here.

Doc can't escape through the hole.
Whoah. Fred makes the Doc kill himself.
Dean: "That's all folks." :P

Fred realizes he'll lose control again and more people will get hurt. He wants it to stop. Cas has a solution, but there might not be much of Frank left in the end.
So what did Cas do? Stick Fred back in his head again, or what? But why would that be painful? Or maybe he removed his soul, leaving an empty shell? *iz confuzed* At least he's at peace in the end, listening to "Ode To Joy".

Dean offers for Cas to come along. Cas is going to resist when zap! Back to Naomi, who knows what he's up to, returning to Heaven. She wants him to stay out.
Cas instead decides to stay watching over Frank for a few days, but he knows he can't run anymore.

More of the Sam flashback...
Amelia's dad opens beer bottles like Dean....awwww. Sam remembers. *wibbles*
Loved Sam finally talking about losing Dean. I'm sure it was painful for him, but it was good to see.
Amelia gets a phone call...Don, her husband, is alive. o.O

Sam and Dean leave and Cas sits down next to Frank to listen to the music.

What a fun episode and a much needed respite from all the drama the season has held thus far. Don't get me wrong, I love the angst and drama, but I enjoy the funny episodes just as much.

The effects were all done brilliantly. Bravo to the Visual FX department. They really went all out. The guys, of course, were wonderful and I must admit Jared looked especially handsome in this ep. Don't worry, still a Dean/Jensen girl through and through! :D

We got a lot of Sam flashbacks and coupled with the underlying theme of the ep (you can't run from life) it sort of confirms a lot of fan suspicions. The flashbacks of Sam's year have always had a bright, dreamy quality and now we know why: he was running away from the loss of Dean and immersing himself in a happy, dream world. Question is...was Don coming back alive the end mark of his and Amelia's relationship? Or is there more to the story? Still trying to warm up to Amelia and she is getting more likable.

I liked Cas as a hunter. He's a quick study. Glad he at least made the decision to go back to heaven and face what he'd done even if Naomi is determined to stop him (gotta wonder why). I really want to know what she's up to because obviously things have changed up in heaven if a faction or all the angels are controlling Cas this way.

I will say the episode flew by so fast and I couldn't believe when it finished. A great hour though and like I said on Twitter, "Crazy fun tinged with drama. What the show does best!" :D

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