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Poll: Icon Posting Options

Realized that I have a boatload of old icons that I've never posted (as far as I know). The last icon posts I made were March and April of last year, so I think I'm due. :P

Most of this old batch of icons were made in 2010 and 2011 and run the gamut from promo stills and episode caps to online pics and event video caps.

I've got two ideas in mind as far as posting them...

* Do it the usual way: Posting a large batch of some 20 to 80 icons all at once.
* Or do it in small (3 to 10 icons) doses daily.

I can't decide so...poll time! *g*
Thanks in advance for your input. :D

Poll #1882515 Icon Posting

How should I post the icons?

In small doses: 3 to 10 icons daily.
In a few big posts of 20-80 icons.
Must. Select. Clickie. Button.

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