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Tales From Auntie's House: We Need A Little Christmas, Right This Very Minute

In light of the sucky year it's been, one would expect the Christmas spirit to be in short abundance around here...and you'd be right. But lately I've been trying to get it back. So we won't be together with family this year. We can't keep looking backward all the time (even though we will). We need to live in the here and now and right now I'm in need of some cheer.

So I talked mom into putting up the Christmas tree today. She was reluctant, but I pressed on and eventually got her talked into it. A little hard to work on a Christmas letter & cards without something Christmas-y around. We looked at my aunt's tree, but it got broken in all the hubbub and turmoil of last year. So I decided we'd simply have to use our own. No big deal really. Just our small artificial tree and 2 big boxes of ornaments. I could carry those over easily. Thankfully, it wasn't raining so I quickly ran over to the house and made 2 trips to bring them here. We've got the tree set up right where my aunt used to put her's (she bought the same type of tree we had, but a year later). Thankfully, the lights stay on it so there was only the ornaments to do. My aunt used to leave even the ornaments on and boy is that problem now...they're falling off the thing as it resides in the garbage bag she put the tree into. We'll deal with that mess later.

Anyway...in a few hours I had it done and I'm glad.


I told mom there's lots of people who don't celebrate Christmas with family, just some significant other, whoever it may be. I've thought of many of you on my flist who are that way...just married and no children or siblings only or even like us...mother & daughter. Why should we mope around and be all depressed? We've lived like that for the past 11 months. At this time when we can have some brightness and cheer around we should go for it. You gotta make your own Christmas, whatever it may be.

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