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SPN Rerun Thoughts: 801 We Need To Talk About Kevin

Watched the rerun of the Season 8 premiere last night and had some thinky thoughts I thought I'd share.

:: I do not remember the 2 songs used at the beginning of the episode. Very weird for me.

:: We still haven't found out why Sam up and left Amelia and went to Rufus's cabin or who watched him leave. I wanna know!

:: Sam clearly states that that he ditched all his phones and never received any messages from Dean upon his return from Purgatory, so again this brings us back to why Sam went to the cabin in the first place if he had stopped hunting. Why would he go back there?

:: It struck me this time that Dean was the only human in Purgatory, that he stood out in a place full of monsters, and that it made him a target.

:: I can't help but wonder how Dean survived in Purgatory so long, yet back on earth he's nearly strangled by a low level demon.

Feel free to leave your own thoughts and questions in comments. :)

Tags: episodes, ramblings, supernatural
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