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Tales From Auntie's House: Christmas


I'll admit, I didn't have a big plan for Christmas. Part of me was hoping against hope that my cousin, K would end up inviting us to celebrate with her husband and the new baby. Yet it didn't surprise me much when she didn't. And of course, we didn't hear from my other cousin at all. So much for family.

So mom and I were on our own.

I decided it was NOT going to go down like Thanksgiving had...being an ordinary day. So I insisted that we dress nicely and after a late breakfast I went over to the house (mom thought I was just picking up our daily delivered paper) and picked up some board games. We ended up playing them all day and into the evening.

With Christmas music playing in the background on the computer, we started with Yahtzee and played 6 games. I threw a Yahtzee 5 times! Mom said my dad must've been helping me. ;) He was so great at board games. Next we played a game of Sorry!, but I think I've outgrown that game. It's so tame and boring. We moved on to Monopoly and played that right up until we had to fix supper.

For supper we had smoked ham, cornbread dressing, and carrots. Simple stuff, but we had some issues heating up the ham and as it turned out it was a bit rubbery. Other than that the meal was alright. Later on we each had some pie - cherry and pumpkin, respectively.

After supper we played a game of Scrabble. I think playing Words With Friends online really helped me. We then wrapped up the evening by watching "White Christmas". All in all it was a quiet, but fun Christmas and mom said she really enjoyed it. So it didn't matter that it was just us and didn't matter that there weren't any presents exchanged (we just gave cards to each other). We had a good time all on our own. A new kind of Christmas for sure, but it worked. It was certainly a huge step up from the past two years.

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