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SPN Rerun Thoughts: 802 What's Up Tiger Mommy?

Watched the rerun of 802 last night & thought I'd share my thinky thoughts again.

:: The one word that came to mind most during this ep is "Badass". Dean going all darkside during the interrogation scene? Badass. Sam reciting the exorcism backwards? Badass. Mrs. Tran being...well, Mrs. Tran? Badass.

:: The interrogation/Purgatory scene is one of the best bits of editing in the show IMO. Oh, and Dean whipping off his tie...*swoons*

:: Fresh from our (the audience's) realization that Sam didn't look for Dean we now learn that Cas did indeed bail on Dean when they landed in Purgatory. Ouch. At least Cas explains his actions, saying he was keeping Leviathan away from Dean. I also think it's interesting that Dean said he prayed to Cas every night. For a man who's been so cynical about God and even religion in general I can hardly imagine Dean praying ever, especially since the end of Season 5. Of course, I also like to think he prayed for Sam to somehow find him and get him out of that awful place as well. Poor Dean...so many unanswered prayers.

:: I'm thinking this is the first time we've actually seen Dean's pickpocketing skills. In the past it's been Sam exhibiting that particular talent.

:: Dean: "Listen, Kev, what your mom went through – it's hell. Trust me, I know. But she seems tough. She'll pull it together." Uuuuuh....how would you know what it's like to be possessed by a demon, Dean? You've never been through it! Gah!!!!

:: I still say it was incredibly stupid for the boys to leave Kevin alone with his mom in that final scene. Dean...you chew Sam out for not taking responsibility for the kid for a whole year and then you just walk out of the room and leave Kevin alone??? Why would you do such a thing? And then they're shocked that the room's empty. *facepalms* Somewhere Bobby is screaming "Idjits!" at the Winchester boys over this one.

Feel free to leave your own thoughts and questions in comments. :)

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