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raloria - Screencapping Goddess

So much for my planned Saturday

So it's Friday night, after midnight so technically it's very early Saturday...whatever. I'm sitting with the laptop, reading a site and suddenly my glasses just up and break on me! Gah!

They're the kind with no frames on the bottom half of the lenses. They're held in place by a thin line of plastic. That's what broke on the right side. It just snapped. Peachy.

So mom helped me do a makeshift mending job with some clear packing tape.

2013-01-05 01.20.36

It's not pretty, but at least I can somewhat see. I'm pretty much blind as a bat without my glasses, everything is very blurry. Already a headache has settled in. Argh. So suddenly we'll be making a trip to Lenscrafters later today. Should be real fun driving there with all this tape over the lens. Not what I had planned for my Saturday. I've got stuff to do! But I also need to be able to see properly. *sigh*

Mom & I have already decided I need a backup pair of glasses...in case this ever happens again.

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