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Wreck This Journal: Beginnings

Had to use the Pudding! icon for this post because yes, I DID dive into this little project. \0/

First of all, thank you to those of you who responded to my opening post about my new WTJ (Wreck This Journal). I hope I can pave the way for some others to take the plunge and give this a try. :)

Second, I've begun! Yes! And it wasn't as difficult as I thought.

On Saturday evening I dug out my container holding my unused Smash Journals and supplies. It had been a while since I'd even looked at them. Here are all these cool stickers and none of them opened! Such a shame! But soon....soon I'll begin work them as well. ;)

What I was mostly after were the colored pens (again, unused). I dived into the WTJ.

I didn't have a white pen, so I went with silver instead. It works. :P And I figured why write my name only once when I can do each of the prompts twice? It was fun.

Next up was that scary "Crack the spine." page. Ooooooh.
So I went for it. I went to the middle of the book and I bent those pages way back!

Mission accomplished!

I kept on breaking the spine as best I could, giving the book a really good workout. It was invigorating! Rules? Who needs'em! :D
This is coming from a gal who was raised to take care of books. Don't write in them, drop them, tear them, spill anything on them, etc. They were to be cared for. Of course, I'm not totally abandoning those ideas, but it was so exciting to toss all those rules out the window for a few minutes and not care about the repercussions. Because there are none....this is about breaking the rules and having fun!

Here's where I documented my triumph over breaking the spine. I even made a little cute drawing up top of the book reacting in pain! Heehee!

Next I numbered all the pages (there's a little over 200 pages, btw) using a gold pen. This is important because some pages are black, so you need something that shows up. Then I tackled the Instructions page. It's not very original (I've seen lots of others have colored the page the same way), but it's okay. I love color, so it fits my personality.

I'll have to figure out what more I can do on these pages, but for now, this is a start. I'm quite happy with my progress. :)

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