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People's Choice Awards 2013: We Won!!!!!!

Supernatural did it!!!! Not only were Jensen & Jared (and their lovely wives) actually at the awards show this year, but they presented an award (Fav Band) and received 2 awards!!!!

So what was won? Favorite SciFi/Fantasy show (2 years in a row!) and Favorite TV Fan Following (yay Fandom!).
Yes! We did it! We voted our hearts out and the show has two more wonderful awards on the shelf. Jensen & Jared did both lose out on the Favorite Dramatic TV Actor to Nathan Fillion, but considering the votes were no doubt split between the two, it was somewhat to be expected. I'm a Castle fan, so I'm pretty okay with Nathan's win.

Two out of three isn't bad at all and the added plus was that the boys were actually there. It was great to see the camera center on them throughout the show (making up for last year's snub PCAs? Hmmm?). I'm so happy and proud that fandom once again proved that we are a part of the best show on TV. :D

Here's a great little interview with Jensen on the red carpet!
Darn! It won't embed. Here: Source

These are tweaked a bit by me. Clicky to see them larger.


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