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Some PCA contemplations

Now that I've seen the awards and processing SPN's winnings the importance of the evening has really set in.

This was a big night for SPN, no doubt about it. Jensen & Jared were there in person and they picked up two wins, not to mention getting interviewed and photographed on the red carpet. More exposure for them and the show, though in the grand scheme of Hollywood SPN is still small potatoes.

I know some people are lamenting that neither of the boys won the Fav Dramatic Actor award. But it's just one award and considering both of the guys were nominated I think the numbers were simply against either of them coming up with a win.

But to put SPN's wins a bit more into perspective, I made this post on Tumblr:

How great were SPN’s wins at the PCAs last night?

Pretty darned amazing when you compare to how the competition did. I only looked at these 2 shows because they were nominated in many of the same categories SPN was and they also have large fanbases.

The Vampire Diaries - 4 Nominations, 0 Wins

Once Upon A Time - 4 Nominations, 0 Wins

Supernatural - 3 Nominations, 2 Wins

Not bad at all for the “little show that could” that’s in it’s 8th season. :)

I was honestly a little shocked that the other 2 shows didn't get anything. As the older show, one would think SPN would be more likely to be forgotten and pushed into the background, but you can't underestimate this fandom!

The other thing I noticed during the show was how some winners kept referring to it being the "people's choice awards" and "it's about the people". It started to feel so impersonal. I mean, we're all people, but only some of us are "fans". I thought it was very nice that when Jensen & Jared were accepting the win for SciFi/Fantasy Show that Jared used the word "fans". Further shows how appreciative the guys are towards the people that make up the fanbase and how we truly are a family. I have no personal knowledge on the fans of other shows, but I get an impression that the bond the fans of SPN have with not only the stars of the show but the crew as well is a special one. They know us and we know them. Look how accessible the SPN cast & crew are with all the conventions year after year. I don't see that happening with The Vampire Diaries or Once Upon A Time. Makes me feel even more fortunate to be a part of this wonderful show that's touched so many of our lives. We truly have something to be proud of and thankful for.

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