raloria - Screencapping Goddess (raloria) wrote,
raloria - Screencapping Goddess

Well that was frustrating...

Grabbed the newest update for the VLC player for my Mac and began capping 5x03 on BluRay.

Everything was going fine, then unbeknownst to me, the caps stopped working. Oh, the caps were made, they were filling up my folder, but the files wouldn't open or even show a preview. I couldn't finish capping the ep in one go, so I went to check out what I had. That was when I found out most of the png files weren't there! Gah!!!!!

So I had to delete all of those. Hundreds of caps gotten in probably an hour's time.

Did some more cap testing with the player, they still didn't show up. I was getting the preview in the player window, but the files wouldn't open in anything. So I had to look up a past version of VLC player to download & install. Problem solved, I can make caps again.

But all that lost time and caps...*heavy sigh*

There was a weird thing that happened when I was installing the new version. Maybe it didn't update properly. I'll have to try again, do some capping tests, and see what happens.

I think I'll just start capping that ep all over again (but on another evening). I didn't get that many caps actually made. Dammit...I was getting great stuff, too...or so I thought.

Tags: adventures in screencapping, rant
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