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Poll: Downloading File Size

As many of you know I use MediaFire as my main online storage for my zipped folders of caps I share here on LJ. Sadly, it's proving to be more and more unreliable. Files seem to disappear for no reason at all, forcing me to re-upload them. A very frustrating and time-consuming process.

So I've gone looking around for an alternative and found one with the same amount of free storage (50GB). It's called A Drive. I've signed up and will begin uploading only the BluRay caps there, including ones I've already sent to MediaFire. Luckily, I haven't gotten that far along w/capping my BluRay files, so now is a good time to give this a try.

However, I've been wondering what is the ideal file size to have for the zipped folders.
How big is too big? 200mb? 100mb? Something smaller?
Everyone's internet speeds are different, so I want to make my files accessible to as many people as I can.

What is the biggest file size you can download?

Approx. 200mb
Approx. 100mb
Anything under 100mb
40 - 50mb
Something else, I'll tell you in comments.

Tags: adventures in screencapping, livejournal, poll
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