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First Impressions: 8x12 "As Time Goes By"

Was able to watch the East Coast feed this week along with live on the TV on West Coast time. These notes are from the 2nd West Coast viewing only.

I'm trying to give myself a break and not kill myself doing these reviews. We'll see how it goes this season.
What's here are basic reactions I typed out during the show, with a few bits and pieces put in afterwards. Hopefully it'll be brief, but still interesting.

Normal, Illinois - 1958
I guessed right away that was a young John Winchester in the bed. ;)
Which of course, means this is Henry, his dad. Yep, I read spoilers. *g*
Nice touch with the music box playing the song/title...

Special knock on the door....with an intriguing symbol on it.
Love the stained glass window. Thank you, Jerry Wanek. :)
Who else thought that dude in the cloak looked suspiciously like a young Crowley? Huh? Maybe?
Screaming, dead & bleeding guys on the floor...not good. Oooh! She's a demon! And the exorcism doesn't work on her!
Dude gives H a box, tells him to keep it from Abbadon (the demon).
Great set design here at work already.
That's totally Enochian Henry recites...which was confirmed by Kevin Parks on Twitter. ;)
And out the guy pops in Sam & Dean's motel room - "Which of you is John Winchester?"

Hey, that's Dean's green shirt...the fixing the car shirt from "Fresh Blood". :)
Heh, Dean gets physical right away.
Henry: “Gentlemen. In the absence of any and all other explanations, I’m afraid this has been a marvelous, tragic misunderstanding. I'll be on my way.”
The boys are having none of that.
Dean: "You're not going anywhere, 007...till we get some answers."
Oh, handcuffs...which he deftly puts the boys in instead. Hee! Slippery guy.
Hey, it's that motel again!
Henry spots and heads towards the Impala...“2013? My god. I guess the Mayans were wrong.”

Oh, you do not break Baby's window!!! Dean's gonna be pissed.
At least Henry had good taste in cars.
They do all the tests and of course Henry passes them.
Henry: “I’m quite certain this is all beyond your understanding, my alpha male monkey friend. And violence will not help you comprehend this any easier.”
Dean: “Let me tell you what I understand. Some asshat pops out of my closet asking about my dad, smashes up my ride. So why am I not getting violent?”

Then demon chick Abbadon shows up through the time portal in the closet.
She is def trouble. The boys are soon crashing into walls and Henry refuses to hand over the box.
Dean stabs her with the demon knife, but it doesn't kill her. Gives the 3 of them the time to hightail it out of there in the Impala though.
Then she does a demon whammy on the motel guy and finds o ut what he knows. Cute.

Dying to find out where this location is with the bridge in the background.
So time travel via Enochian symbol isn't so easy on the stomach.
Henry tells them the woman is Abbadon, a demon. The boys tell Henry that John is dead.
And Henry identifies himself as John's father. Cue the family theme music!!!

Sam's all ready to accept Henry as their grandfather, but Dean's tentative....John said his dad left him when he was a kid.
Sam: "Driver's license says he's Henry Winchester from Normal, Illinois. He knows dad's birthday, the exact place where he was born. Dude, that's our grandfather."
Dean: "Listen, before we break out the warm and toasties, let's not forget that, uh, H.G. Wells over there left dad high and dry when he was a kid."
Sam: "But maybe he didn't run out on dad - I mean, not on purpose. Maybe he time-traveled here and, I don't know, got stuck."
Dean: "Yeah, well, either way, dad hated the son of a bitch."
Sam: "And dad made up for that how? By being father of the year?"
Dean: "Look, dad had his issues, okay, but he was always there for us. I freaking hate time-travel, man."

Sam shakes hands with Henry, but Dean refuses. Ouch. A little harsh there, Dean?
Henry's starting to find out his grandsons know more about hunting than he thought. The boys are thinking if they can't kill the demon, send her back in time where she belongs.
Henry: "It's a blood sigil. Blood leads to blood. Or their next of kin."
He can open a time portal again, with the right ingredients (his "blood, an angel feather, tears of a dragon, a pinch of the sands of time...") along with a week for his soul to recharge.
He's confused that they don't know all this...wants to know what level of knowledge they are. "You're Men of Letters, correct?"
The boys don't have a clue....
Henry: "Men of Letters...like your father who taught you our ways."
Sam: "Our father taught us how to be hunters."
Henry (laughs): "You're not? Are you? Hunters? Well hunters are...hunters are apes."
Whoah, dude.
Henry: "You're supposed to...you're legacies."
Dean: "Legacies of what?"

They find the same door we saw in the teaser...it's a comic store now. This scene def looks like Gastown. *g*
Dean's a little pissed they took so long to drive there just to find nothing.
“We just spent four hours driving. All he did was stare out the window and request Pat Boone on the radio.”
Dean wants to know what's going on, but Henry says it doesn't concern them.
Dean: “Because we’re Hunters? Why, what do you have against us?"
Henry: “Aside from the unthinking, unwashed, shoot first and don’t bother to ask questions later part, not much really."
Sam: "You know what? Wait a second. We're also John's children."
Henry: "You're more than that actually. My father and his father before him were both Men of Letters. As John and you two should have been. We're preceptors, beholders, chroniclers of all that which man does not understand. We share our findings with a few trusted hunters -- the very elite. They do the rest."
Dean: "So you're like Yodas to our Jedis."

Sam points out that they and nobody else have ever heard of them.
They enter the store and H shows them the box, but he has no idea what it is.
Dean: "Let me get this straight. You traveled through time to protect something that does you don't know what from a demon that you know nothing about?"
Ha...poor H. Talk about time and culture shock. Nice bit about him trying to use Sam's cell phone like a walkie-talkie.
They need to find an Elder to help them stop Abbadon and figure out what to do with the box.
Sam takes over as research geekboy and borrows the clerk's laptop to search for the other Elders. David Ackers? heehee!
And Dean checking out the goth girl clerk. Hee!
All the men who were in the building that night are dead...and we're off to their graves.

These guys used aliases, which are on the tombstones.
All have the group's crest, the Aquarian Star, except one...Larry's. Time to exhume another body, boys!

Abbadon finds the comic store and mind sweeps the female clerk.
Yeah, she's dead for sure...

And again Dean's bitching...heh.
Guy in the grave is a WWI soldier...and not the guy who's supposed to be there, Larry.
Must mean Larry's still alive...

Cool that Sam & Dean recognize that tune, that John used to whistle it.
The music box is brought up....used to keep little John from being too scared to sleep at night after being frightened by 'Abbott and Costello Meet the Mummy'.
Abbadon is a Knight of Hell...a first-born demon, chosen by Lucifer himself. Yikes. Legend was that the Archangels killed them all. Guess this one got away.
So John's journal, was originally supposed to be Henry's. Wow.
H suspects he doesn't return to his own time. Finds out from Sam & Dean that John thought his dad abandoned him.
Henry: "John was a legacy. I was supposed to teach him the ways of the Letters."
Dean: "Well, he learned things a little differently."
Henry: "How?"
Dean: "The hard way. Surviving a lonely childhood, a stinking war...only to get married and have his wife taken by a demon...and later killed by one himself. That man got a bum rap around every turn. But you know what? He kept going. And in the end, he did a hell of a lot more good than he did bad."
I think that's a great description of John.
So much pride from Dean in talking about his dad. It's nice.
Henry: "I'm sorry. I wish I had been there for him."
Dean: "Yeah, it's a little late for that now, don't you think?"
Henry: "It's the price we pay for upholding great responsibility. We know that."
Dean: "Your responsibility was to your family, not some glorified book club!"
Henry: "I was a legacy. I had no choice."
Dean: "Yeah, you keep telling yourself that."

Nice montage of Henry reading thru the journal. :)
Boys sleeping!!!!
OMG Jensen in a black tee asleep!!! *flails*
Sam wakes up Dean and tells him H is gone....left a note saying he'd "fix everything".

Henry enters some kind of mystical shop, seeking the ingredients of the time-traveling sigil.
Nice sleep spell there, H.

Turns out he also broke into the Impala's trunk and stole an angel feather. Cas's maybe??? *g*
The boys decide to split up: Dean go after Henry and Sam to find Larry.

That's totally a re-used shot of Sam outside of that house. It's from 5x15 "Dead Men Don't Wear Plaid".
Sam finds Larry, but tells him Henry is dead. Larry barely survived, was blinded by Abbadon, who he describes as a hired gun.
Sam tells him he needs to know about the box and why the demon wants it.
Larry: "In the box is the key to every object, scroll, spell ever collected for thousands of years under one roof. It is the supernatural mother lode."

Dean finds Henry just in time, before he can time travel back.
Henry: "You cannot begin to understand how I felt after reading John's journal."
Dean: "Oh, I think I can. See, I've read that thing more times than you can imagine, and it hurts every time."
Henry: "Maybe so, but you didn't let him down! I did! Just like you said!"
Dean: "Well I was wrong."

H wants to go back and make things right for his son....save him and stop Abbadon.
But Dean says he could change things, to where he and Sam don't even exist.
Dean: “I understand that this is not your idea of a happy ending and that you’re disappointed that me and Sam are mouth-breathing Hunters. But you know what? We stopped the Apocalypse.”
Henry: "If this works the way I planned. There won't be an Apocalypse to stop."

Larry says Abbadon can't be stopped. The key must be taken to some coordinates, thrown in and locked away forever. "It's the safest place on earth, warded against any evil ever created. It is impervious to any entry except the key."
All that knowledge would be lost...but better that than let Abbadon get her hands on it.
Sam says he doesn't have the key, but his brother does...Abbadon!!!! She's in Larry's wife. Damn. She knocks Sam out and kills Larry.
Abbadon calls Dean and wants to do a trade, Sam for Henry and the key.
H still wants to go back and stop this all from happening.
Dean: "And what if you cant? I can't take that risk -- not with Sammy on the hook now."
Henry's determined to go, to do right by his son...Dean stops him anyway.

Ok, so how did they get the Impala's window replaced? They hardly had the time.
Dean: "Henry, you need to understand something. When my dad died, I couldn't save him...no matter how bad I wanted to. I never want that to happen to Sam...ever. If there's a chance that I can save him, I'm gonna do it. He's my brother. He's the only family I got."

Oooh....Terminal City! *g*
They're set for the exchange in the warehouse and Henry needs a little prodding/threatening from Dean.
Abbadon traps the boys inside...no great shocker there.
Yikes! She puts her hand in Henry's gut. :( He shoots her through the jaw.
Turns out the box is a fake. Yes! Dean and Henry worked out a plan.
She's trapped and can't use her demon magic on Henry...oh, a devil's trap carved onto the bullet. Sweet! and brilliant!
Dean: "You're gonna have to get close. And 'close' means it could get ugly."
Henry: "I know. But you do that for blood."

Abbadon states that she's still not dead and Dean follows it up by beheading her.
Dean: "The demon trap in your noggin is gonna keep you from smoking out. We're gonna cut you into little steaks and bury each strip under cement. You might not be dead, but you'll wish you were."
Oh, no...Henry's dying. :(
Henry: “I’m sorry I judged you two so harshly for being Hunters. I should’ve known better. You’re also Winchesters. As long as we’re alive, there’s always hope.”
He grasps their hands...
Henry: “I didn’t know my son as a man, but having met you two...I know I would’ve been proud of him.”
Cue the sad music and all the feels. :(

The boys bury Henry alongside his comrades. But why wouldn't they burn his bones, just to be sure? *ponders*
Sam: “I get it now, what Cupid said about Heaven busting ass to get mom and dad together. Winchesters and the Campbells, the brains and the brawn.”
Dean: "Well, I'm glad you see it. All I see in our family tree is a whole lot of dead."

Poor Dean. I feel your pain, man. :(
Dean brings out the old picture we saw Henry with earlier....of him and John.
Dean feels bad that John never knew the truth about his dad, that he came there to save them. "Freaking time-travel, man."
Sam: "Do you think it would have made a difference?"
Dean: "What?"
Sam: "Dad. If he'd had his own father around."
Dean: "What, in how he raised us? Sammy, he did the best he could."
Sam: "I know that. I-I do. They all did."

Dean wonders if they'll be able to lock the key away, if the place is even still standing. Sam says they'll have to take the chance. They're Legacies, after all.
Nice use of the music box playing again to close out the show.

Whew! That was one of the fastest hours ever! What a ride! :D
An excellent episode, full of family mythology and tons of info. According to the spoilers I've read this sets up the future of the show for some time to come.

:: The broken Impala window continuity is really bugging me.

:: Many others have brought up about that scene at the diner in 4x03 when Dean is there with young!John and a guy comes in tells to give his best to his dad. Kevin Parks offered up this explanation on Twitter (I've corrected the spelling): Since John was so young when Henry disappeared the man mom remarried could be considered Dad. Somebody blue collar and a man of letters. This is what I suspected. It works, really. At the start of the episode John is quite young (5? 7? I suck at ages). Dad just up and disappears. Suppose his mom remarried and John's got a new dad. This would be the man referred to in 4x03. Doesn't mean that John never knew about his real dad, so that would fit in with him feeling abandoned that Dean mentions in this ep. I'd say they pulled it off without breaking canon...barely.

:: Dean was awfully harsh with Henry at the beginning, which kind of bothered me. But then again, that is kind of his way. Suspect everyone and don't trust right away. At least he came around in the end.

:: On the other hand, I loved how Sam just welcomed his grandfather right away. So fitting for his character over the years. This works with Dean being the hardened realist and Sam being the more optimistic dreamer. Two halves of one whole. Yin/Yang and all that.

:: I appreciate how this episode tried to repair John's reputation, that he did raise the boys the best he could and that they recognize that and can respect it. However, part of me still can't quite forgive the man for the wounds he inflicted on the boys for not being there for them in "Home" and "Faith". Not sure I'll ever quite get over that.

Awesome, awesome ep. Bravo! Serge on his first turn at directing. :)
Can't wait for next week even though that promo left me kind of meh.

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