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I'm back...and gave my journal a new look

First of all, big thanks to all 20 plus of you for your comments and messages of support when I announced my little break over the weekend. I was truly touched by the outpouring from you all. *hugs flist, lurkers, everyone* ♥ :)

Second, I do feel the break from the online world helped me. Must admit, I was checking LJ, email, and Twitter a lot on my smartphone on Friday, but by Saturday I'd grown accustomed to being offline. By today (Sunday) I was almost reluctant to return. :P But part of me did miss being online. So I feel the break was a good one.

I still need to go back through my flist and leave some comments. Please be patient. Seems like everyone else was pretty busy posting over the weekend without me.

Felt this was a good time put in a new header, background, and mood theme.

raloria raloria raloria

The header is an old one that I don't think I've used before. The lyrics are from "Things That You Know" by The Wailin' Jennys. Now that it's a new year, I'm starting at the top of my list of installed mood themes, so this is an old one of Dean.

Tags: fanart, flist, livejournal
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