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File Hosting

As many of you know, I've been locked out of my main MediaFire account since the end of January. I can't get in at all, not even to delete my account (you'd think they'd want to clear their server of my files). So I've been looking around for other options.

So far A Drive has been the most successful and I'm in the process of re-uploading all my SPN BluRay, Season 7, & Season 8 caps there. I've changed the way I name files, trying to make them seem more vague and inconspicuous. I've also refrained from putting my LJ username on the files, trusting that people will still know they're from me (or maybe add my name into the filename once they download it).

I'm also giving SlingFile a try, but I'm more hesitant to upload any caps there. Might relegate it to only having my VanCon photos & other files I know are completely mine.

Tried to use JumboFiles, but I keep getting this darned message every time, no matter what browser I use.


Kinda frustrating considering I actually registered. Can't even delete my account (empty though it is). *sigh*
So, my advice? Stay away from JumboFiles.

This weekend I'll try and update my Bluray cap posts with all new download links from A Drive. I'm over halfway through with uploading the Season 7 caps and then will work on Season 8. I'm not re-uploading my Season 6 caps at the moment because the ones I have contain the ugly CW logo and I really want to try and get HQ logo-free video files to cap from. The hope is that I can find some Bluray files that are still active. Wish me luck!

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