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Poll: SPN Season 6 Caps

As I posted a couple of days ago, I'm in the process of re-uploading my SPN caps to a new storage site.

The one season still up in the air is Season 6. This is because that is the one season I don't have logo-free mkv files of (except the first 2 eps). All the rest have that ugly and distracting CW logo. Thus, all my Season 6 caps have the logo. :(

I've done a thorough search online for some downloads, but they're either: too big for free downloading, outdated links, or the wrong size/file type. I've looked for either web downloads or DVD rips, but no dice. Maybe, somehow down the road I'll be able to find some logo-free mkv files, but at the moment I'm not optimistic. I will keep checking though.

In the meantime, I've been debating if I want to even re-upload the Season 6 caps or not.
If you want to see re-sized samples of my Season 6 caps, check out the posts HERE.
The other option would be to cap my Season 6 DVDs. It would mean a smaller resolution: 853x480 instead of 1280x720, but there wouldn't be any logo marring the images.

How do you want the Season 6 caps?

Re-upload the caps w/the logo - I'd rather have bigger caps than smaller.
Give me the smaller caps please! That CW logo is hideous!
I'd rather wait for Hi-Res logo-free caps - however long that might take.

Thanks for your input! :D

Tags: adventures in screencapping, poll, supernatural
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