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Quickies 24

Good grief! It's been nearly a year since I've done a Quickies post???

♦ Feel like I pretty much wasted this entire week/weekend. Didn't exercise, didn't do any crafting stuff like I'd planned. Just puttered away online. Bleh. :(

♦ Anyone gonna watch the Oscars? I used to watch them every year, but now I simply can't make time for it. Besides, it's not like I keep up with the current movie scene anymore.

♦ Still terribly behind in watching my TV series. Still have all of H5O, Arrow, & Chicago Fire, half of Fringe, TVD, Parenthood...and I can't remember the rest. Oy. :P

♦ Been working on fanarts from my VanCon 2011 pics and while my photos from that year totally suck, it's at least nice to look at the boys for hours on end and I'm really enjoying myself. Got the Sunday Breakfast pics done and today I'll see if I can start in on the panel ones. I'll begin posting them (in the Daily Fanart posts) starting tomorrow (Monday).

♦ I'm trying to get back to work the SPN Revealed posts. Need to get the caps for 2x12 "Nightshifter" next before I can finish prepping the caps from "Playthings". I am going to make myself work on this project today. I keep putting it off. Darned procrastination.

♦ Haven't capped an episode in weeks. That whole MediaFire fiasco really took the wind out of my capping sails. :( But I'm recovering from that and moving on, so I hope to resume capping episodes this week. Meanwhile, I've still got the bluray caps from 5x03 to sort/delete...and I over-capped it, so that process is gonna suck. Big time. Bleh. I'll do it. Just need to push myself.

♦ Still need to make some new icons to use on my journal. This batch is so old. Where to find the time though? *sigh*
Which reminds me, I still need to post a bunch of icons here...

♦ Got a fun idea planned for unveiling on positively_spn tomorrow that I hope people will enjoy. :)

♦ Think I'll also resume some theme weeks for the Just 'Cause posts starting tomorrow, since I've got some new ones ready to go.

Tags: adventures in screencapping, livejournal, my lj comm, quickies, real life, status report, tv
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