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First Impressions: 8x16 "Remember The Titans"

Was able to watch the East Coast feed this week along with live on the TV on West Coast time. These notes are from the 2nd West Coast viewing only.

I'm trying to give myself a break and not kill myself doing these reviews. We'll see how it goes this season.
What's here are basic reactions I typed out during the show, with a few bits and pieces put in afterwards. Hopefully it'll be brief, but still interesting.

Don't drink & drive people!
Why take his pulse? He's frozen. Aaaaannnnddd he's alive! Heh. Bye, bye body.

MOL bunker time...Sam's bleeding from his mouth....not good. :(
Nice robe, Dean. Yeah, big brother knows something's going on w/Sam.
Btw, this is a cool room in the bat cave. Don't think we've seen this one as much before. Nice gasmasks on the wall there.
No word from Kevin...or Cas.
Sam: “Just a guess, but translating an ancient language with zero help might be more difficult than we think.”
Sam's got a zombie case though....our teaser body.

Nice low shot there as Dean gets out of the car and walks around it. :)
This deputy is something else...total zombie believer.
Deputy: "Dead my ass. That's a zombie, boys!" LOL
Hee! And he tells them to aim for the head. Yeah, like they don't know that. :P
Dean checking for vampire teeth...nada.
Dean: “I gotta say, I am a little disappointed."
Sam: “Yeah, cuz you wanted to shoot zombies."
Dean: “Damn straight I wanted to shoot some zombies."
Hee! Oh, Dean. :)
OH....dude's alive again. Get him boys!
He dies every day and then comes back to life.
Sam: “All you do is die? What’s that supposed to mean?"
Shane/Prometheus: “Once a day for as long as I can remember. After a few hours I’m back."
Dean: “What, you’re like a real-life Kenny?"

They run on the tests on him at the motel room....he's clean.
Dude also has amnesia...He doesn't know his real name, was called Shane 'cause he had to be called something. Decided to live out in the wilderness in a cabin, but he still got shot by a couple of pot growers.

Shane gets a visitor in the night...she's very pretty, seems to think he should know her, but he doesn't...oh, and deadly.
This is an awesome fight scene! Shane's got moves. And she disappears...saying she's his worst enemy.
Oh, no....Shane's having a heart attack. :(
Sam: "Do we call 911?"
Dean: "And tell'em what? That the dead guy we stole from the morgue is alive and having a coronary?"

Dean: "I feel like I'm sitting Shiva." Hee! Dean with his Jewish references again.
Dean's read shirt is back!!!!! OMG So happy. Lordy, he looks amazing! *drools*
Ok, so it's not RED, it's maroon. Close enough.
Sam: “What do we know of that has Jason Bourne fighting skills, dies a lot and has a history with violent women?"
Dean: “I don’t know, you?"
LOL...and kinda true. :P
A woman and her young son shows up at the door...she's Hayley and her son is Oliver...that's Shane's son.
Hayley relates hiking up in the mountains w/her friends over in Europe, of finding him frozen after the avalanche. They grew close coming down the mountain. She freaked out when he had a heart attack and took off...9 months later she had a son.
Shane is alive again...and gets to meet his son.

Gah! I know this location! They've used it a few times over the years. "Bloodlust"
Sam's figured out they're dealing with Titans...gods before the Greek gods. Shane is Prometheus.
The "Xena wanna-be" is Artemis.
The boys fill Shane in on who he is...and he takes it all pretty well.
Oh, geez the kid is dead...he's got the same curse as his dad.

They all go back to the MOL bunker....first guests.
Now Hayley gets educated on everything...and understandably she's a little unsure.
Hayley: “OK, so Ollie’s dad is a Greek god who’s been cursed to die every day by Zeus. And you guys are ghostbusters. Am I getting this right?”
Dean: “Due to the fact that your son is currently, albeit temporarily, dead, I’m gonna let that one slide.”

The plan is to summon Zeus and try to convince him to lift the curse, if not then they kill him.
Ah....research time!
Dean finds something..."Dragon penis". LOL
It's an ancient Greek hunter...Drakopoolos. And Dean tells them all about the MOL and them being Legacies. He's so proud of all that. :)
Hayley: “So we’re hanging our lives on the writings of a dead man who is named after genitalia.”
They need fulgurite and some old bone of a worshipper...Sam & Shane go after bone while Dean and Hayley go get the fulgurite...after she clues him in that New Agers use it all the time for cheap jewelry. Ha!

Shane wonders why Sam is doing this...Sam asks him why he stole the fire for all of humanity.
All Prometheus cares about now is saving his son.

Dean lays it out on the line for Hayely...this is not about asking for Zeus's help.

Zeus shows up with a lot of lightning. Cool!
Love how Dean tells a god how things are gonna go...
Nice ECU shots here...
Dean's ready to let him rot there...stalemate. Zeus won't comply...they start to leave...but Hayley breaks the trap. Damn.
He knocks the guys down...all bets are off now.

Is it wrong that I kept expecting Sam to start bleeding again with all this knocking-out stuff this ep? :P
Hee! Dean said "balls".
Artemis shows up and the boys are trapped.
Zeus is thrilled that Prometheus suffered watching his son dying. Damn...what a bastard.

Artemis takes the boys off somewhere to kill them...and Sam starts talking.
Sam: "So, you know who this is, Dean, walking us to our deaths?"
Dean: "Don't know, don't care."
Sam: “It’s our god, Artemis, the goddess of hunters. See, she’s who we'd pray to for courage when hunting the Gorgon or the Minotaur. Of course she’s not really worship-worthy anymore, having lost a step and all.”

She's less than pleased...slams them face-first into the wall. Ow.
Dean: "Really Sam? Trash-talking a god? Seriously?" LOL
Oh, geez...now Zeus is hurting Prometheus. Ouch.
Sam works the whole reverse psychology angle...and it's working! She loves Prometheus...after all she didn't just kill him in the motel room. 'Course Sam doesn't know that, but he guesses correctly what's going on. Good boy!

Gah! Zeus is gonna kill Oliver! Noooo!!!!
Artemis is there to stop him though...yay! Nice bow & arrow. :D
Dammit...she fires but Zeus uses Prometheus as a shield. Prometheus pushes the arrow through his body and into Zeus, killing them both. Wow.
Artemis removes the arrow...and disappears, taking Zeus with her.

Love this shot of Dean holding the lighter up to his face before lighting Prometheus's funeral pyre.
He comforts Hayley and Sam hangs back at the cars with Oliver.
Sam offers to take the kid for ice cream but Oliver says no, he'd like to stay. Little dude's more mature than I think anyone realizes.

Boys in the car...eating. Heh. That's a new one.
Sam: "I'm starting to think maybe I was being naive."
Dean: "What are you talking about?"
Sam: "When I said I could just will myself into coming out of these trials unscathed."
Dean: “No, no, no. Stop with the sullen, emo crap, alright? You’re not gonna die like Prometheus."
Sam: “How do you know, Dean? Bobby, Rufus, now Prometheus. Do you think any of them chose death? No, the life chose for them.”
Dean: “Yeah, well you promised, okay? You promised to live a long, Clark Griswald life full of prostate exams and colonoscopies, alright? You’re not welching on that deal. Not on my watch. If you die, it’s gonna be because of something normal.”
Sam: "Like a heart attack?"
Dean: "Exactly. Eat your burger."

OMG This scene in Dean's bedroom. Beautiful.
Dean (praying to Cas): “Cas, you got your ears on? Listen, you know I am not one for praying, cuz in my book it’s the same as begging. But this is about Sam, so I need you to hear me. We are going into this deal blind and I don’t know what’s ahead or what it’s gonna bring for Sam. Now he’s covering pretty good, but I know that he is hurting. And this one was supposed to be on me. So for what we’ve been through, I’m asking you, you keep a look out for my little brother, OK? Where the hell are you, man?"

Yes! My show is back! I knew it would be. ;)
Another solid, well-written, well-acted episode. I really don't have too much to say, despite really liking the episode.

* There's no way Sam's going to be able to hide his condition for much longer from Dean. And Dean already knows something's wrong. This has to come up on the show soon or it's just going to be silly and frustrating.

* Zeus was sooooo mean and nasty. Not that it really bothers me, but he reminded me of Zachariah.

* That final scene with Dean...so emotional and beautiful. Jensen, as always, was stunning. Oh, Dean...the man who doesn't pray, but does it because it's for Sam. This reminds me of when he prayed in "The Monster At The End Of This Book" and at the end of "My Bloody Valentine". Dean's worried, he's alone, Cas isn't around, and all he can think about is that Sam's headed towards some unknown fate and he can't stop it.

Now we have to wait 3 weeks!!! Was that promo awesome or what? Eeeee!!!!

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