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Happy 35th Birthday to Jensen Ackles - A Picspam

The wonderful, handsome, gorgeous, and talented Jensen is celebrating his 35th birthday today. I could talk and talk about all the things I love about this man, how much it has meant to watch him grow as an actor (and a director), that his smile and personality literally can light up a room, how wonderful it has been to meet him in person and bask in his glorious handsomeness (yes, it truly is like staring into the sun - no joke)...but I feel pictures will speak better than words.

Thus, a picspam to show the wonder that is Jensen Ackles.
Prepare to drool, flail, and generally swoon in fannish glee.

 photo JA35thBDayPicspamCard_zps3456ea4b.jpg

 photo EOTJA_01_zpsb38260ee.jpg
 photo EOTJA_02_zps85d595e9.jpg
 photo EOTJA_03_zpsb129ee37.jpg
 photo EOTJA_04_zpsb6af9fa0.jpg
 photo EOTJA_05_zpsfd8e436d.jpg
 photo EOTJA_06_zps640c90dd.jpg
 photo EOTJA_07_zps7fcae1d4.jpg
 photo SN814_Dean_zps038f0ec6.jpg
 photo SPN1x03BluRay_0071x2_zpsfa5fe0e3.jpg
 photo SPN2x03BluRay_0421x2_zpsf5f80faf.jpg
 photo SPN2x03BluRay_1053x2_zps96eb7cc0.jpg
 photo SPN2x03BluRay_1327x2_zps30290ecb.jpg
 photo SPN4x16HeadPin_0247x2_zps931c401b.jpg
 photo SPN119Provenance_DeanSmile_zps021b9dcd.jpg
 photo SPN402_Dean2_zps8494a266.jpg
 photo SPN512_87x2_zps513cb483.jpg
 photo SPN605HD_0419x2_zps7f0da381.jpg
 photo SPN707DeanSmileSq_zpsad4ef3e6.jpg
 photo SPN712LogoFree_0189Sq_zpsc1c41e1e.jpg
 photo SPN712LogoFree_0584x2_zps29ce8b3b.jpg
 photo SPN712LogoFree_0967Sq_zps15f6b1fd.jpg
 photo SPN713LogoFree_0855Sq_zps7f4b9d2f.jpg
 photo SPN722DeanFace_zpsb15545fa.jpg
 photo SPN722DeanLeatherJ_zps0b130b36.jpg
 photo SPN722DeanLeatherJMachete_zps45486787.jpg
 photo SPN722HandLipDean_zps64266b57.jpg
 photo SPN801LogoFree_0671Sq_zps3f9e2e54.jpg
 photo SPN803DeanCaress_zps01a84263.jpg
 photo SPN807SeriousDean_zpsad92a204.jpg
 photo SPN807SeriousDeanII_zps4f695e61.jpg
 photo SPN809DeanNightProfile_zps7d7bd631.jpg
 photo SPN809DeanSmile_zpsfb650886.jpg
 photo SPN812DeanGlareSq_zps86d66235.jpg
 photo SPN812DeanGunSq_zps745dd02b.jpg
 photo SPN812DeanSq_zps3f4e4e32.jpg
 photo SPN812SleepingDeanx_zpsd3d5f86c.jpg
 photo SPN814DeanGlassesSq_zps9729f2d3.jpg
 photo SPN814DeanGlassesSq2_zpsb40b298b.jpg
 photo SPN814DeanHandcuffsSq_zpseab25143.jpg
 photo SPN814DeanHenley_zpse6f6c5f8.jpg
 photo SPN814DeanHenleySmile_zps776be505.jpg
 photo SPN814HappyDean_zpsd61ea258.jpg
 photo SPN814PrettyDeanSq_zpsed4ac870.jpg
 photo SPN816DeanDrinking_zps536fce4a.jpg
 photo SPN816PrettyDeanSq_zps3b86d70c.jpg
 photo SPN816WindowDean_zpsada8dbea.jpg

Tags: actors: jensen ackles, picspam, supernatural, tribute
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