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Quickies 25

♦♦♦ Now that I'm getting my SPN caps re-uploaded online there's a few things that need to be done:
-- Need to start capping the big S8 episodes.
-- Time to finally pull sample caps for 718 so I can properly post them to LJ.
-- Have to finish sort/delete on the BluRay 503 caps...and do it on the Mac so I can be comfortable 'cause obviously it's not gonna happen on the PC with an achy back. Ugh.

♦♦♦ Still working on continuing with SPN Revealed. Must fix the caps for 2x12 and then upload those & the caps for 2x11 to PB. Another week, I hope. *fingers crossed*

♦♦♦ Finally got caught up watching Parenthood! One show down, only about 10 more to go. *laughs hysterically* Gotta say I'm so disappointed in Sarah. WTH was she thinking turning Mark down and deciding to "make it work" with Hank!!! Was so happy when Hank then up and decided to move to Minnesota to be with his daughter. Yeah, talk about a guy having issues and baggage. Why would she want to take all that on when she's got so much of her own? Mark is sweet and a good guy. I hope the next season starts with them getting back together for good. /tantrum

♦♦♦ Got the seemingly final issue of Titan's SPN magazine yesterday. I'd been hoping for a big-100-page blowout, but it was actually thinner than a normal issue is. *sigh* I hate to see the magazine go. It was great and I'd always read it nearly cover to cover. The articles and photos (some of them never before published or seen online) were great. It should've continued until the show was over...dammit. Color me disappointed. :(

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