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SPN Shake is HERE!!!!!

This is going to be all over my Flist by morning, but I don't care. I don't care, I've gotta have it here. :D

The long awaited video that Jared Tweeted about a while back is finally on youtube.

According to Guy Bee this was all Jensen's idea! And he says he doesn't dance! Ha!
Guy Bee on Twitter: "The shocker... It was 100% Jensen's idea! #truestory."
"He showed me samples of others and we agreed that day we had all the elements to do it!"

Turns out even Osric Chau ‏turned up on his day off to take part! He's the guy in the bodybag.
Osric Chau on Twitter: "Alright, it's finally up, Supernatural's Harlem Shake. It was a cold and wet day, and yes, we had to do it...."

You'll notice someone in the Teddy Bear head/costume by the back of the Impala & Guy Bee is the guy to the right in the zebra hat. Let me know if you identify anyone else in the group shot.

Edit: New info. thanks to a comment on youtube. I'm assuming this is correct until I hear/read otherwise.

jsistersz 5 minutes ago

Jensen in the white jerseys, Jared the one waving that big red hand around, Gen holding on to the two dogs, Osric (Kevin) in the body bag, guy in neon green with shirt off is Brian "B" camera guy,"Sgriccia dance" was "A" camera operator Brad and Misha don't think he was there not sure. Osric was there on his day off. It was Jensen's idea, Guy Norman was directing that day.

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