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Excuse me for being honest...

My frustration post the other day was probably a mistake. Should I have made it public? Definitely not, but I was emotional and flustered and I needed to vent. I realize that's not the best time to post something, but I'm sure we've all made posts we regret (and will do so again in the future). As human beings we're flawed, we often act on impulse.

Now I could have made this post Friends Locked, but my previous post was public so I've decided to make this one as well.

I don't have to post what I do here on LJ. I don't have to be here at all.
I'm here because I love SPN and I love the friendships I've formed with fellow fans.

Early on in joining LJ I felt the need to contribute, so I started capping episodes which led to making icons and fanarts. As I saw the creative works of other fans, it motivated me to try my talents in those areas as well. Again, I don't have to share any of these things. I do so because I enjoy it, because I want to share. And yeah, selfishly I enjoy seeing people use my caps and icons & re-post my con photos. It's cool. It's a pat on the back.

I've been accused of being "spoiled" and not being grateful for the comments I get.
True, I suppose I am spoiled....spoiled because people DO comment on my posts and I AM grateful for for every single one of them.
If I don't show my appreciation more for your comments, I'm sorry. I know I rarely reply back and that IS MY FAULT. Feedback goes both ways, after all. I keep trying to make more time to reply back, but it simply doesn't happen. Maybe I should stop posting for a while and simply reply back to comments instead.

The truth of the matter is, as we all know, LJ has grown more quiet over the past couple of years. People are posting less and commenting less. I'm not the only one who's been talking about it either. So when I say I'm not getting a lot of comments, that LJ is quiet, I'm not just talking about my posts or my Flist...this is a LJ-wide problem in the fandom. I don't mean to point any fingers at anyone or act like I'm unappreciative. I apologize if that's the way I come across.

All artists and creative types like feedback. What is an author without readers or an actor without an audience? Obviously, I'm not as talented as most people here on LJ in the SPN fandom, but I still value any responses I get. So yeah, it bothers me sometimes when I don't get any comments on a post...especially if it's something I worked long and hard on. If that makes me needy or a person you don't want to be around on LJ feel free to defriend me.

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