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First Impressions: 8x18 "Freaks And Geeks"

Was able to watch the East Coast feed this week along with live on the TV on West Coast time. These notes are a culmination of both viewings.

I'm trying to give myself a break and not kill myself doing these reviews. We'll see how it goes this season.
What's here are basic reactions I typed out during the show, with a few bits and pieces put in afterwards. Hopefully it'll be brief, but still interesting.

Captioning says "I'll Surely Die" by the Rubens is playing during this teaser scene.
Where was this filmed at??? Wanna know.
Krissy! She's making out....but there's something outside.
Who else had flashbacks to S1's "Hook Man" here?
Might've known it was all a set up...Why would Krissy be scared? :P
That's one vamp dead. "One down. Two to go."

Boys in suits driving up in the Impala....sweet!
They're in town about the vampy-sounding kills.
Dean's worried about Sam, wants to know if he's ok. Then Sam turns it back on Dean...is he okay? Yeah, this is about to get sarcastic real fast....yep.
Dean: "Good talk!" LOL
There's surveillance video of the kill the other nights....Dean recognizes Krissy. He makes sure the sheriff doesn't put an APB out on the kids.
Dean's wondering what went wrong with the plan....need to go find Krissy.

Heh. Krissy trying to pass herself off as 25. Money does wonders....
She's also resisting the advances of Aiden.
"Kiss my ass, Canada"? LOL
Good luck kisses....nice try Aiden. :P
Aiden & the other girl go check out the suspected vamp's room in the motel while Krissy watches the video footage.
Boys!!!! They found Krissy, wanna save her bacon...
Krissy: "Does it look like my bacon needs saving?"
She's not happy to see them...her dad is dead.
The girl and Aiden find a vic tied up on the bead...ooops....trouble!
Krissy goes after the vamp and Dean goes after her, noting that the vamp guy was running towards a blue van.
Cool....she shot him with darts filled with dead man's blood. Smart.
The blue van is mysteriously gone...
She stops Dean from killing the vamp...it's not his kill. It's up to the other gal to kill him. But the vamp is denying killing her family....says he's innocent.
Too late though....she lops his head off.
I kinda wonder why the boys didn't say anything to try and stop her. I mean....since when does a vamp plead like that? Usually they brag about their kills. Something's fishy.

Great discussion there between Dean & Krissy. Her dad got killed by the nest of vamps her and her little crew are now out eliminating. She's not willing to listen to him anymore.
Krissy: "You're never too young to hunt monsters, especially the ones that kill your family."
Dean: "Hunting isn't all about killing and revenge."

She tells Dean about Victor, who took them all in and is helping them get revenge on the monsters who killed their families.
Dean: “What are we talking here, some sort of kids’ school for Hunters?"
Krissy: “Don’t be such a dweeb, OK. We’re not the X-Men."

Victor's from Spokane? Cool. WA represented! \0/

Dean's surprised about the nice house they all return to as homebase. He was expecting a compound. "More 'Lord Of The Flies' less Huxtables"
So the kids still go to school....Krissy even has to type up a report about the hunt to give to Victor in the morning.
Dean's definitely not buying into this school for hunters idea. He doesn't think kids should be hunting at all. Victor wants the next generation of hunters to be better.
Victor: “Come on, guys, I know your friends. Martin was insane. And somebody obviously dropped Garth on his head when he was a baby. And I know you two loved that Bobby guy, but he was a barely functional alcoholic.”
Victor, you do NOT bad-mouth Bobby.
So the kids are Krissy, Josephine, and Aiden.

Dean: "This is crazy."
Sam: "Is it? They've got a pretty good life."
Dean: "Kids aren't supposed to hunt, Sam."
Sam: "We did."
Dean: "Yeah, and look what it did for us."
Sam: "Well, maybe they're doing it right. Maybe they can hunt and have a real life."
Dean: "You know that's not true."
Sam: "Why, 'cause it didn't work for us?"
Dean: "Because it doesn't work for anybody."

I get that Sam still wants to find a balance between hunting and a real life, but Dean's right...it never works out. You can't just walk away from the life. Sure, Sam did, we still don't know the truth about his time with Amelia and he ended up back in the hunting life with Dean after all.
Sam's a little more open to the whole idea, but Dean wants to go hunt the vamp nest down, so the kids don't have to. He has Sam stay behind to keep an eye on them....but someone's watching them already. Uh oh...

Sam sitting down to breakfast with the hunter kids...or not....off they go to school.
Victor had kids once, until a Wendigo killed them.
He tries to convince Sam that constantly traveling and crappy motel rooms isn't the only way.

Dean's at the hospital interviewing the vic they found tied up in the hotel room.
She knew the guy who attacked her, he'd just returned from Afghanistan a few weeks ago. The guy seemed scared.
And there's the mention of the blue van again....

Victor pulled the kids from school - found the vamp that killed Krissy's dad. He's got surveillance photos and everything, including a shot with a gal vamp wearing the necklace Krissy's dad used to have.
Dean calls with info. that maybe the kid hunters are barking up the wrong vamp nest. Sam's feeling the same way, with Victor's surveillance evidence with no time stamp.
Dean: "Yeah, I never trust a guy who wears a sweater." LOL...but Sam wears sweaters....
Sam spots the blue van out front...

Dean's tracking blue-van-guy to a lodge not far away....Sam and Victor are checking out the blue van.

Oooh, Impala in the woods! And it's raining, of course. LOL
Dean's going into the lodge, machete at the ready...
He finds a gal....she's in bad shape. Doesn't like the bright lights.
Oh, man....she's acting like a new vamp. The guy in the blue van grabbed her and brought her there. Uh oh....hunter kids are there, guns drawn.

Sam & Victor are following blue-van-guy into the woods...
And Victor knocks Sam out! Gah!!!!! Great....he's working with the blue-van-vamp-guy!

Dean tries to convince Krissy and the kids that these vamps are newly made. Ha ha! Love how he totally disarmed Aiden so fast. Awesome! :D
Nice how Dean wants to save the girl, reverse the effects since she hasn't fed yet. He's come a long way since S2's Bloodlust.
Dean: "Like I said. Hunting isn't always about killing."
He talks them into taking the new vamp girl to Victor to find out what's going on.

Cute...Victor's setting up to murder Sam...make it look like a vamp attack instead to further motivate the kids. Evil, evil man!!!!
This is how you survive??? Killing another hunter???? Victor, you're demented.
He accuses Sam of not understanding because he's not a father and didn't hear the cries of his children dying. Yeah, he just heard the cries of his brother has he was attacked by a hellhound and dragged to hell...totally different. Weak argument, Victor.
Dean & kids come home....Victor plays the "we're victims" ploy. Krissy finally gets it. Good girl.
Crap...Victor had BlueVanGuy kill the kids' families, forcing the kids into being hunters and seek revenge. Kill him!!!!
Dammit...the vamp's got Aiden. Nice dart in the eye!
Krissy wants to kill Victor...
Dean: "We don't kill people. You don't kill people."
Awesome...it's an empty gun. Smart girl. They'll let Victor live...alone, no family or friends.
So Victor grabs a gun and kills himself. Sorry but I don't feel any remorse about that. The guy went off the deep end. Nice way to resolve the problem without Krissy killing someone.

The kids are helping new-vamp-girl recover. How come it looks so tame compared to what Dean had to do in Season 6?
Dean: "Proud of you."
Krissy: "Shut up before I punch you."

Hee! Love that Krissy's still got that sass. :D
Sam gives her back her dad's necklace...and Dean wants to take her to her aunt's place, but Krissy makes the argument that her and the other kids are hunters now - they can take care of themselves. They won't be minors for much longer.
She also denies that she likes Aiden....Dean sees through that though. Heh.
Dean goes with it...they can stay together on their on....but he'll have Garth drop by and check on them once in a while.
Krissy: "You're all right for an old guy."
Dean: "I'm really not that old."
Krissy: "You keep telling yourself that."

Awwww...no fist bump. She kisses Dean on the cheek instead. :D
Aiden thinks he's going to get the whole, don't hurt Krissy or Dean will kill you speech.
Dean: "No, no, no. She'll kill you. Good luck." Heehee!

Dean's still worried about the kids, wants to shut the gates of hell fast so the they're less likely to be killed.
Dean: "They're hunters now. You don't just walk away from that. There's only one way out of that, and you and I both know it ain't pretty."
Sam: "Maybe they'll be different."
Dean: "Or maybe if we shut that hell hole once and for all, those three can have a real life."
Sam: "Maybe they won't be the only ones."
Awww, Sammy.

Okay, not an epic hour but not a bad one either. Interesting idea of there being a group of young hunters. Almost seems like a spin-off. :P

However, there are some plot holes. Like, why would a vamp kill Krissy's dad during the night and leave her alive? Wouldn't that seem suspicious to her? And I'm assuming Josephine and Aiden's families were somehow tied to the hunting life, because otherwise, Victor was able to teach them quite a bit in only a short period of time.

Anyway, I'm so happy they brought Krissy back and I hope the boys will check in on the group themselves from time to time or use them on a future hunt. I'm all for great characters returning to the show, especially the female ones since there's so few of them around. With Meg now gone all we've got left is Charlie, Krissy, and Jodi Mills. So here's hoping these gals don't get killed off anytime soon.

Bring on next week. It looks like a doozy of an episode! :D

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