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Life sucketh today

It's Sunday, it's grey and overcast and completely still outside, and I'm just having a lousy day. I've been just sleeping off and on and not getting anything done. Yep, pretty pathetic. But then I don't feel like doing anything either. I've got my SPN Revealed posts for tonight to code and a TON of comments to get back to and I don't feel motivated to do any of them right now. I hate days like this, but I don't know how to crawl out of this hole I'm in.

If you *gulp* want to...feel free to send a little cheer my way. Some encouraging words, a pic or two, something happy. I could sure use it. I hate to beg, but that's the state I'm in right now. *hugs flist*

Tags: ramblings, rant, real life

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