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Daily Fanart Special Series: SPN Symbols, Spells, & Sigils

This all started as a project to gather caps for a friend. Well, I hate to leave caps un-used, so I decided to fix the caps (kind of in an artistic-fanarty way) and share them. Been debating for weeks how to go about it, but we'll try this with daily postings for now. There's over 70 caps, all from Seasons 1-7.

This is the Zoroastrian Symbol from S1's "Shadow", specifically this is the alter Sam finds that Meg set up to control the Daevas. I love how much detail was brought out once I fixed the cap: the black skull, the card, bones, the beads, even the blood goblet barely visible at the bottom.

From SuperWiki: Zoroastrian Symbol
A symbol that depicts the human soul before birth and after death.

Resolution= 1280 x 720 -- Click For Full-size

Tags: daily fanart, fanart, supernatural
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