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First Impressions: 8x19 "Taxi Driver"

Was able to watch the East Coast feed this week along with live on the TV on West Coast time. These notes are a culmination of both viewings.

I'm trying to give myself a break and not kill myself doing these reviews. We'll see how it goes this season.
What's here are basic reactions I typed out during the show, with a few bits and pieces put in afterwards. Hopefully it'll be brief, but still interesting.

Oh...Jared does a rare voice-over for the beginning (on the Arrow credits).
Oh, dear...Kevin's hearing Crowley in his head. He's telling him to give up, that he's everywhere.
Holy crap! Crowley shows him what losing his arms and legs will be like. Kevin!!!!!

Now that's a frying pan!
He sent an SOS to the boys...
Kevin translated the 2nd trial, he's worried Crowley knows. Poor Kevin...he looks wasted.
An innocent soul has to be rescued from hell and delivered to heaven.

Crossroads!!!! I've been there. :D
OH, it's a dude. Dean's complaining already. "What happened to the hot chicks?" lol
Heh...huge devil's trap...awesome! Btw, this is where they filmed the "Harlem Shake" video. ;)

Lots and lots of holy water torture...seems to be working...dude's ready to spill.
Rogue reapers can get them into hell, smuggling people and souls across.
He'd rather die than face Crowley, but first he's going to tell them everything.

Nice! Rainy night shot of the Impala (on the backlot/Watchman set with a great cityscape via the VFX team in the background). Sweet!
Here's the sneak peak clip with the reaper.
The boys want a "visitor's pass" into hell. His price is that one day they'll owe him a favor.
Oh, he's the reaper that took Bobby to hell. Crowley put Bobby there. Bastard.
Dean wants to go, but Sam puts the kabosh on it. It's his job to do solo.
Dean: "We've got one shot at this. We can't miss."
Sam: "I'm not gonna miss. I'll bring him back."

Reaper says Sam will be back in exactly 24 hours.
Who's the creepy dude watching?

Nice graffiti.
Reaper: "Take my hand."
Sam: "And it gets creepier."

Oh...looks like Purgatory.
Yep, it is! Hee!

Sam: "What do you mean this is Purgatory. This isn't what I paid for. I booked the hell tour."
Sam has to go to the portal to get to hell. Cute.
Well this is cool. Sam gets to see what Dean lived through for a year.

Dean returns to Kevin...who's hiding in the closet from Crowley. Kid's just a bit paranoid.
Dean brought burgers though..hee!
Jensen's voice is really low and rough here. heh.
Kevin wants to know when this all ends, but Dean says that doesn't happen.
"Now this whole thing sucks, I know. But you suck it up and push through 'cause that's what we do. When you get on board with that the ride is a lot smoother."
Aw...he took Dean's pie. :(

Uh oh...Reaper dude's in trouble. Crowley wants to chat...that can't be good.
Crowley: “Patience isn’t one of my virtues. Well, I don’t have any virtues, but if I did I’m certain that patience wouldn’t be one.”
oH yeah...he knows he's made a deal with the Winchester boys.
Crowley: "You're trying my non-patience."
Reaper spills about Sam wanting into hell.
Oh...great...he killed the reaper. Crap.

Gah!!! Sam's under attack!
Nice head slice!
Sam..shouldn't you take that weapon into hell?
Whoah...must be the place. o.O
Sam: "The rabbit hole. This is nuts."
Good, he did take the weapon.
Hell is a lot darker...oh, smart! Using his watch to mark the doorway back.
Nice sound effects...people screaming, moaning, chains. Just what one would imagine.
Creepy dead people....
WTH??? Bobby hit him! Dude!

Oh, Bobby....you don't look so good. :(
He thinks Sam is a demon.
Sam knows Bobby's secrets though...it works. Awww hug! *loves*
Bobby's been fed an endless stream of Sam & Deans with black eyes...damn.
Sam's going to get him out...hands him the demon knife.

Crowley's pissed. He knows something is up.
“Something is going on. My hellhound has been killed. Winchester Jumbo-Size is trying to break into the mothership. And that prophet of theirs is madly translating away. Add it up!”
I do love Crowley when he gets all pissed off. Heehee!
"I need Kevin Tran, and I need his half of the tablet. Apparently, his half has the good stuff, where mine has the acknowledgements and 'about the author'. Find that kid!"

Oooh...Dean's making breakfast. :)
OH, Kevin what have you done?
He got rid of the tablet???? Hid it away. Dammit. He won't tell Dean where it is.
She explains that she saved Cas from Purgatory at the cost of many angels lives.
Dean: "You screwed with his head and had him spy on us!"
She's trying to spin that Cas was brain damaged from Purgatory. It's her job to protect heaven.
Naomi: "I'm a warrior just as you are."
Yeah, not buying it lady. "See, I don't trust angels, which means I don't trust you."
But she's got a point....why didn't they angel-proof the boat? Just to keep the door open for Cas? That seems odd especially considering most of the time they haven't trusted Cas.
On the same side, Naomi? Not quite.
Oh...she mentions that Sam was taken to Purgatory on the way to hell.

Sam & Bobby trying to fight their way out of hell.
Crap...another Sam...but Bobby kills the right one. Phew!
Sam: "You knew somehow, right?"
Bobby: "Took a chance. 50/50."

Dean finds the reaper dead. :(
Sam and Bobby are now in Purgatory.
Uh...shouldn't you close that portal Sam?

Dean calls Benny! Apologizes for not calling sooner to see how he was.
Dean: "I guess I let you down, huh?"
But Benny's just happy to hear from him.

Sam tells Bobby that his soul has to go to heaven for the trial. Bobby seems okay with it all...he's happy to get out of hell but would love to be back in action, helping the boys out.
Uh oh...Sam's at the spot and of course...no reaper.
They're trapped! o.O

Dean meets Benny at the graffiti wall.
"My little brother is stuck down there."
OH man...Dean's all emotional.
Benny says yes though! "You know I love a challenge." He gets it. Dean needs his brother. There's really no hesitation on Benny's part here.
Dean: "I owe you."
Benny: "You don't owe me nothin'."

Benny says he doesn't belong on earth, it's wearing on him.
Dean's sure Benny will come back, vows to help him on his return, but Benny makes it sound like he's going along with the idea only to put Dean's mind at ease.
Awwww....these two are killing me.
Damn...Dean's gotta kill him. :(
First a hug though.

Bobby learns Dean spent a year in Purgatory. He also wonders why Sam didn't go looking for his brother.
Sam: "Look, Bobby, Dean and I had an agreement, okay?"
Bobby: "I know that agreement. I taught you that agreement. That's a non-agreement. I get the feeling a lot must have happened while I was gone."

Attack!!!! But Benny swoops in to save them. And Sam stops Bobby from killing Benny.
Bobby's not happy about Dean being friends with a vampire.
Bobby: "Well you two really went off the rails while I was gone, didn't you?"

Dean puts Benny's body in the Impala's trunk....
Crap...demon spy is tailing Dean.
Sam appreciates Benny coming there to save them.
There's the portal.
Bobby: “I already said goodbye to you once, Sam. It didn’t seem to take. No reason to think I won’t see you again somewhere down the road. But if they give me a rocking chair up there, I’m raising hell.”
Aw, Bobby...we've missed you. I can just see Bobby raising hell up in heaven. ;)
Sam does the ritual, with Bobby going into his arm...wants to do the same with Benny, but some monster show up. Benny tells him to leave, he'll hold them off.
Go Sam go!!!!

So the portal always spits people out in Maine. Weird.
Sammy's back!!!!
Dean's waiting. :)
Awwww...HUG!!!! *draws hearts around the boys*
Sam tells Dean about Benny staying behind, using himself as bait.
Sam releases Bobby...and he doesn't go all the way up. His soul is blocked from it's ascent... :(
And he slams the boys into a couple of trees. Ouchie.
Naomi arrives....does a little verbal sparring with Crowley.
Crowley: "Bureaucrat. You're fighting outside your weight class."
Naomi: "Don't call me a bureaucrat!"
Ooooh...Crowley touched a nerve there. :P
Crowley takes off.
Naomi lets Bobby's soul to through.
Sam has to finish the trial.
More pain in his arm/hand like before, only more intense...Dean's very worried, but Sam says he's okay. Yeah, right. It passes..."It's done."

Crowley's speaking to Kevin again...oh man...and busting the windows!
Shoot...Crowley's there.
He tortured and killed Kevin's mom??? NOOOOOO!!!!!
Crowley: “What you people never seem to understand is that you are nothing! Fleeting blips of light. I am forever.”
Oh no...Kevin's screaming. :(

Sam doesn't look so good and Dean's understandably concerned.
Dean buried Benny but didn't burn his bones...wants to keep it open so he can return...Sam understands now. "He's a little different than I thought. So, go ahead and leave the door open if you want."
They go to the boat, to Kevin...but he's gone. The place is completely cleaned out. Note that the windows are intact, indicating that Crowley's visit was all in Kevin's mind.
Dean says he freaked off and ran, saw this coming.
That's how it ends????

Ok, awesome ep! I know I say that nearly every time, but I mean it. It was just as epic as I thought it would be and as the crew kept alluding to. Love it when my expectations are met. :) The only thing I'd say disappointed me was that it didn't end on a cliffhanger, but that's minor.

I've read a few reviews already and the question's been brought up as to why the boys didn't take Kevin to the MOL Bunker. It's a viable question, but I might have an answer...maybe they were worried that having Kevin there would eventually draw Crowley's attention to the place. Sure, it's warded and protecting from everything in creation, but they still need to be able to come and go safely. They've kept it secret (save for Prometheus and his family) and I'm pretty sure that's for a good reason. The Roadhouse was public, Bobby's house was equally well-known, and even Rufus's cabin became a meeting place for all kinds of angels and demons. The longer they can keep the Bunker totally unknown the safer they'll be.

As for the rest, well....HUGS!!!! OMG So many hugs in one ep! Sam & Bobby, Benny & Dean, Dean & Sam. A regular hug-fest!!!! :D

Still don't trust Naomi and I'm glad Dean doesn't either. She can be very convincing, but it's all a means to an end: getting Castiel and the angel tablet back. Hell, she wanted Dean dead not long ago! But she knows Dean is the one lead she has to Cas. She may not be so nice to the boys in the near future.

I'll miss Benny, but he was right...he didn't fit in with vamps or humans on earth. At least he had something to do in Purgatory, a purpose, if only to stay alive every day. I believe we will see him again...and Bobby. I can totally see Bobby finding Ash's Roadhouse up in heaven and hanging out with Pamela (hopefully Ash has found Ellen & Jo by now, too). ;)

Now not only is Castiel and the Angel tablet missing, but so is Kevin and half of the demon tablet. Cute. How will the boys find out what the 3rd trial is now???

So happy we finally got to see what hell looks and sounds like. Though it was interesting when Crowley was questioning Ajay (the reaper) he asked if Sam went to "his" ie Crowley's hell. There are different versions? And I'm happy Sam got to experience Purgatory (and that Dean knows about it). It was a real eye-opener for Sam...realizing what Dean actually went through for a year, and seeing what a true friend he had in Benny. I feel we can finally close the door or Dean's year in Purgatory. Now if only we could do the same for Sam's year and Amelia. So many unanswered questions there...*sigh*

So in my book, it was a great episode. Stronger than last week's. Definitely up there with one of the season's best.
Now we wait 2 weeks until the next episode airs on April 24th. Gah!!!!!

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